Another Great Day in Xi’an

Team Journal for April 2, 2015

Message of the day: “Ouch! The busy bee stung me” – unknown

exchangeAnother early start to the morning. We met Don, who was already waiting in the car, and our escort, who was waiting in the lobby, 10 minutes early, because 10 minutes early is on time in China.

We all seem to finally have a pattern down for the classes. Montana and LuRue did their normal pronunciations, drawing, Simon says, homonyms and sentence games for both classes. Don did his usual introductions, flyswatter, vocabulary and directions. The groups were very eager to participate and Montana and LuRue even got a few lovely performances at the end of their classes.

After the classes, we headed to the bell and drum tower market for Montana to get a souvenir. It was a quick stop. Cici and Phyllis brought Montana and LuRue to a little alley with lots of souvenirs. Montana picked out a dragon statue that was originally sold for about 70 yuan, but with the skillful bargaining of Cici, Montana bought it for 50 yuan.

hotel1The driver brought them back to the hotel with just a few minutes to spare before heading down for lunch which was at 1:30 today. We discussed our days and then at 2:30 Don and LuRue went down to teach the hotel staff some English. Montana went to finish her video then went get BaoLi’s opinion. After a few changes and some text messages between BaoLi and some of the teachers, it got done.

With the hotel staff, Don taught them some basic phrases doing them individually then as a group. He also had them work on not saying “uhs” at the end of words. LuRue did a role playing game with phrases they requested to practice.

It was a great day.


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