Another New Week With the Blackfeet Nation- Montana

This morning, after breakfast, Michelle presented Global Volunteers’ philosophy. We also had a chance to get on the same page with goals and intentions.

In the afternoon we loaded into our two vans – one a bit more luxurious than the other – and headed out for a broader tour of the reservation. Our trip took us to Duck Lake, where we piled out of the vehicles for a view of Chief Mountain – a spiritual center for the Blackfeet. We learned that the mountain is the site of sundance and vision quests for those keeping to traditional practices. As our drive continued, we passed the site of a large, recent burn and entered Glacier National Park by way of Saint Mary’s.

The park was breath-taking and we made a number of stops heading up to the Jackson Glacier overlook. First, there was the iconic Wild Goose Island followed by a picturesque waterfall right along the road. On the way back, group members hiked to St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls.

On the way back, we drove through the Starr School community before returning to Browning and our home at the De La Salle School. Walking in the doors, we were greeted by the aroma of fresh roasted chicken – thanks, Candy!

Today was a wonderful introduction to the deep beauty of our surroundings and a refreshing bit of rest before the real work of our trip begins.


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