Another Rewarding Day

Team Journal Entry for April 16, 2015

Message of the day: Kind words can be short & easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.  Mother Theresa

KellyAfter a tasty breakfast we took off for another rewarding day at the Bio-Medical Technical College. We each have an English teacher with us in the classroom, however, they each have only one month experience teaching English so they are learning along with the students. Kelly and Hunter finished their class early so it gave a few of the students time to engage Kelly with their nursing questions (including childbirth) and the rest of the class spent time chatting with Hunter in Chinese and taking pictures of each other with him.

We find the textbooks somewhat frustrating as they are published in Hong Kong and London so several of the phrases and spellings are unusual to us. It is difficult to explain some of the phrases and stories to them.

Baoli took us to lunch at a restaurant near the hotel. We had noodles, pot stickers, sticky rice and several other dishes that I don’t have a name for. I know we are eating tofu and mushrooms in many different forms. Declicious!

Dinner was delightful and Baoli explained to us the one-child law. The fine that goes with breaking the law and having another child is astronomical. Everyone wants to have a son for a first born. That way he can bring his bride home and take care of his parents.

HunterAfter dinner, Curtis, Kelly, Hunter and I headed for the mall for some Baskin Robbins however we got waylaid when we passed the gelato counter. The walk back to the hotel was eventful; just in front of our hotel every evening there are 6-8 food vendors selling a variety of foods; all being cooked on the spot. We stopped to watch one of them cook up a batch of noodles for a customer. All of a sudden everyone climbed on their bike, motor bike or whatever it was their stand was attached to and took off within seconds. It was a sight to see how fast they got out of there; many with food still cooking. Apparently someone got the word the police were coming and sure enough a few seconds later here comes the police truck. As soon as the truck went by within a few more seconds the vendors were back and open for business. But, wouldn’t you know it, word spread rapidly that the police were coming again and off they went and sure enough here comes the police. We witnessed an honest-to-goodness Chinese fire drill!!! We all had a good laugh to end our evening.


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