Journal entry by Alexandra, West Virginia Global Volunteer. 

Appalachian Adventure in Service

Finding new muscles as we unload donations.

Our Appalachian Adventure in Service has resolved into a predictable rhythm.  The day started early with breakfast and coffee then the group split up: David, Hillary and Pam stayed in Beards Fork and Sandy, Stephanie, Lynne, Kim, Janet and Alexandra traveled to Oak Hill in the van driven by Billy.

David and Hillary played with and read stories to the children who attend the SALS school. Breakfast and lunch were served there.

Pam traveled with Katherine, one of the community leaders, to deliver books and sandwiches to the children who lived in Montgomery and Smithers: two neighboring towns. Pam enjoyed this time with Katherine – they shared life stories and Katherine provided information about West Virginia. During the morning, the group that traveled to Oak Hill assembled boxes which would be filled with food for needy people.

labor work on Appalachian adventure in serviceSandy and Stephanie then went to prepare lunches and the rest of the group awaited the arrival of “Old Yeller”, the yellow truck filled with the food that would fill our now assembled but empty boxes and also dispersed to Beards Fork.

When the truck arrived with all of the food, Lynne, Kim and Janet worked with local Youth Build participants to unload the goods. To say there was a lot of of lifting and moving is an understatement. About half of the boxes of food went inside the SALS building, and the other half was packed into two vans to be delivered to Beards Fork. The vans were full top to bottom! Our group grew when David, Hillary and Kathy showed up to help with the food unloading and loading into the vans.

We had the unique experience of unloading those two vans in a West Virginia downpour… who needs showers?  The day of service wrapped up around 4 p.m. and we returned to our Beards Fork “home.”

Quote of the day by Lynne: “Storms cause trees to grow deeper roots.” 

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