Arrival for our Volunteer Vacation in China

Upon our arrival in Kunming, we enjoyed meeting Chris and Baoli.  Part of the team has ventured into the neighborhood during our free time and have done a lot of window shopping. Today, we spent a long four hours in orientation, however we learned a lot and are eager to start teaching right away.
What our goals are for this team with almost 20 different goals we consolidated to the following team goals.
– To learn about China
– To be of service
– To make friends
– To grow
– To have fun 


Characteristics of an Effective TeamTo compromise
To communicate
To trust
To encourage/to support each other
To respect
To accept criticism
To work together
To have common goals
To resolve differences
To have good humor/to relax
To be positive
To be flexible
To be open-minded
To have a sense of adventure
To have fun

– Geni

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