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The Tragedy of Poverty in Lima, Peru

Learn about our partnership with Sagrada Familia and your opportunity to help children in Peru here. Global Volunteers’ team members are motivated by a sincere desire to help improve the daily lives of children living on the margins of Lima, Peru.  These journal excerpts depict such a day through the words of Global Volunteer, Mykaela.  After […]


Volunteer Uses His Professional Background to Make a Difference in Vietnam

Tom has volunteered 5 times in Vietnam. Like Tom, you can use your career to make a difference in Vietnam. The weather today was beautiful — blue skies with a moderately warm temperature. It helped make it another pleasant day in Hanoi. My friend, travel partner and roommate, Keith, and I got up early and took […]


Woman Invites Husband on a Volunteer Trip. Man Falls in Love.

With volunteering couples, it’s more likely that a wife invites her husband on a volunteer trip than the other way around. Some 70% of Global Volunteers team members are women. One recent example is Holly and Jake. Holly had volunteered five times with Global Volunteers, but Jake had never experienced a volunteer abroad program. In January, they served […]