Back to Work at Colegio!

Global Volunteers and students painting table in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Monday, March 14

It was a lovely restful weekend. Slept in a bit later. Had leisurely morning reading time. Saturday Sharon, Bill, and I went to the butterfly garden and were guided by charming and knowledgeable Allyson from Australia.

Sunday Sharon visited the serpentarium and Bill and I went on a coffee, chocolate, and sugar cane tour. Both were great.

Dinner Sunday at Mar Inn. Wonderful chicken burritos. Tatiana is a great cook.

Weekend is over — alas — back to work Monday morning with the great kids and teachers at Colegio. First task was digging holes in front of the fourth tier of classrooms and placement of the decorated buckets. Soon plants will arrive and all 150 of the buckets can be filled with flowers.

Global Volunteer planting at school in Costa Rica

Barb planting seedlings with a student

Sharon and some students dug 20 large holes in the front bank of the school in which will be placed the painted tire planters. Sounds easy – not so much! Each tire must be cut and slashed and then turned inside out, which “takes a village” – or rather fix or six muscular “hombres”. It is a most difficult challenge. So far nine tires have been turned and seven painted. When filled with plants they will be beautiful.

This is exam week, so the conversational English teachers, Sergio and Ílfido need less than usual assistance, but Barb and Sharon helped where needed.

Global Volunteer and student painting table in Costa Rica

Bill Chase painting table with students

Mid-afternoon Maggie, our leader, went with Marisela to purchase addition supplies, and after work the three of us headed to town to see if there was any ice cream left! Thank goodness there was! We were looking mighty dirty compared to the tidy tourists in the village, but we were still served.

I can see the bay here from the second story porch at the hotel as I sit overlooking the city – a lovely sight.

Entry submitted by: Barb

Message of the Day – Maggie: “Service is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – Muhammad Ali 

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