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Mother & Son Bond While Serving with Global Volunteers

During a week-long adventure in service, eleven-year-old Fletcher and his mother, Christie, found gratitude for each other and the Cuban people through volunteering. They learned about themselves and a different culture by leaving their everyday…

Inaugural Puerto Rico Team Completes Successful Week of Service

Global Volunteers’ first team of volunteers to Puerto Rico served in Aguadilla at the end of January 2023. Situated on the western coast of the island, Aguadilla is among the most beautiful communities in all of Puerto Rico. Eight volunteers…
nursing students volunteer in Peru

13 Volunteer Nursing Students Serve on 1st RCP Program in Peru

Nursing students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota contributed immensely to Global Volunteers’ First Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Program in Peru. The Peru RCP Program, a replica of Global…

Teaching Conversational English in Castelvetrano, Sicily – a First-Person Story

Andy Kingman has volunteered for many organizations over the years, including raising money for blood cancer cures, participating in the Avon Three-Day Breast Cancer walk, and serving annually with the Big Sur International Marathon. But as…

Care for Women and Heal the World

Women of the world are an overlooked, dismissed resource for unimaginable change. Over generations, societies which tolerate or promote gender bias and deny girls and women full participation in development squander and repress the contributions…

Girls’ Contribution to the World – Nurturers, Laborers, Leaders, Our Future

Girls study, perform domestic chores, work on farms and in stores, carry on traditions, care for elders and siblings, and prepare themselves to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. They’re a fundamental source of transformational change…
POL2206A2 picnic table youth group horiz Adam Robinson IMG_2338_Moment

Most Significant Summer Break Ever

Spend a week (or more) this summer with Global Volunteers - choose your country. Our international service programs offer the opportunity to do something new, intriguing, and fun that will enable you to have a lasting effect on the lives of…

Former Fendi Executive Leads Volunteers in the Rio Grande Valley 

In this interview Tenley Zinkey, a Former Fendi Executive, explains what motivated her to become a Volunteer Team Leader, and shares her experience and lessons from leading her first team in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. By Mindy Lull When…
NEP1905A1 Anne Marie Schachte teaching at Bansbari School (5)

Go Where the Need is Great: Volunteer Teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, a relatively small, landlocked nation with over 27 million people between India and China. In this part of the world, the need is great, but the resiliency of the local people is very strong. If you are…

Meet the Director of Domestic Programs and RCP Research, Dr. Mindy Lull

This January, Dr. Mindy Lull joined Global Volunteers as the Director of Domestic Programs and RCP Research. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team that will enhance our ability to achieve our goal to help children reach…
Vaka 177 Team Photo
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Oceans of Experience Benefit Youth Stars in the Cook Islands

Global Volunteers’ 177th volunteer team in the Cook Islands was the first to return after COVID. The team included a teacher, military veteran, former World Bank employee, birdwatcher, three-time Cook Islands volunteer, and a college librarian…
The first Armanino team posed for a group photo after a day of volunteering

Armanino LLP Employee Groups are First Post-Covid Volunteers in Vietnam

Twenty-five employees and guests from Armanino LLP, a top 25 US accounting and consulting firm, joined Global Volunteers co-founder Michele Gran serving in Hanoi, Vietnam as the first team back since the beginning of the pandemic. Having been…

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