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Provide Hands On Help While Volunteering

Hands on help

Volunteering gives you the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself, find purpose, and use your civic responsibility for the greater good. On a Global Volunteers service program, you can provide hands on help to communities in need around the world. Without the help of volunteers, our partner communities would struggle to […]

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Cindy Murray: Making Personal Connections Through Global Volunteers

Cindy Murray - Global Volunteers Team Leader

We’re grateful for all that Cindy Murray has contributed as a Global Volunteer, Team Leader, and supporter to help children and families worldwide since 1997. We’ve excerpted her story from her local paper to inspire and inform.  Enjoy! Cindy Murray’s curiosity and passion to help others has led her to one of her most rewarding […]

Your Guide to Volunteerism and Travel in Costa Rica

Travel in Costa Rica

Meet Your Guide to Volunteering While You Travel in Costa Rica A native of Minnesota and now a resident and citizen of Latin America, Maggie Bjorklund is our Costa Rica and Ecuador Country Manager. Maggie joined the Global Volunteers team in 2011 and manages and leads all teams in Ecuador and Costa Rica. When she’s […]

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Reverse Culture Shock After Spending a Week in Costa Rica

reverse culture shock

Volunteer Robert writes about his “reverse culture shock” upon returning home to Washington after volunteering at a secondary school in the the cloud forest region of Monteverde, Costa Rica for a week. Here’s his list of 20 things he had not expected!  Reverse Culture Shock Attention Global Volunteers Costa Rica Team #233: There is a […]


“I found out what I want to do with my retirement…”

Retirement volunteer work in Costa Rica

International volunteer work is rewarding. It’s an opportunity to give back and help others. Plus, you make new friends, learn about a different culture and get out of the house through the process. Older adults who volunteer report higher levels of well-being. Some studies indicate those that volunteer live longer than those who lead more sedentary […]


High School Group Volunteering in Costa Rica

Arizona High School Students in Costa Rica A team of 34 Arizona Fountain Hills High School students and chaperones united with Colegio students on Global Volunteers’ high school group volunteering program in Costa Rica. Working together, they carried out maintenance on the forest trails on campus – an outdoor classroom at this ecotourism-focused school, shared the “pura vida” culture in […]

Butterfly Garden Project in Costa Rica

A unique butterfly garden highlights our work in Costa Rica!  You’re needed to help plant native species that attract butterflies, build walkways, lay gravel, and landscape the garden. Costa Rica’s Astounding Biodiversity While Costa Rica covers a mere 0.03% of the Earth’s land surface, it contains nearly 5% of all of the species of flora […]

Saying Goodbye at Colegio

Global Volunteer Barb Chase saying goodbye at high school in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Friday, March 18  This was an early morning to finish our work with Jorge’s class from 8:00 till 9:30 or a little later. We placed tires and planted rooted plants in them. They still need more dirt in and around them to keep them from slipping down the hill when the […]

Our Last Full Day with the Students

Global Volunteer and student painting table in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Thursday, March 17  Oh my, a busy day working with the kids to finish our many projects. There was cloud cover all day, which kept the hot sun at bay. Early morning watering of the many, many painted buckets already planted with flowers and plants. Also a hustle to get the ten […]

Planting in Costa Rica

Volunteers planting in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, March 16 Our first class was Jorge’s where we did our intros in Spanish and then went on to planting the long awaited plants that had been ordered. They came in black plastic bags, rooted in soil, and looked healthy. We worked all morning long and planted all the plants available […]