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Forest Trails for Hands-on Learning

Hands-on learning through service in Costa Rica

Our host partner in Costa Rica is Colegio Técnico Profesional de Santa Elena or Technical Professional Secondary School of Santa Elena, located in a small town in the cloud forest region of Monteverde. It is called Colegio for short, which means secondary school, and houses grades 7 through 12. This technical high school has over 400 […]


Saying Goodbye to this Enchanting Land

Team Journal Entry for Friday, June 19 For our last day at Colegio, we went back to Jorge’s class of ninth graders, and then took off on the nature trail that the students and other Global Volunteer teams had helped build on the perimeter of the school. Jorge and some of the students served as […]

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High School Serving and Learning in Monteverde With Global Volunteers

Testimonials about Serving and Learning in Monteverde After spending a week serving and learning in Monteverde, this group of 30 high school students, one alumnus, one valiant teacher, and two parents from Fountain Hills, Arizona shared these parting thoughts: “We end the trip with newly developed friendships and newly sculpted leg muscles. Although saying goodbye to these […]

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Farewell to Costa Rica’s Flora, Fauna, Food and Fun at Colegio

costa rica service learning

In Monteverde, the Fountain Hills High School group discovered Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, a highlight of volunteering in the cloud forest region. Discovering Costa Rica’s Flora and Fauna Before breakfast, howler monkeys visited us from the rooftops of our hotel. We reached up and fed them fruit, and they hung from their tails as they reached for the […]


Highlights of Student Service-Learning in Costa Rica

Highlights from Our Final Days of Service-Learning in Costa Rica. We’re sad this is our last day with our team leader, Maggie. She’ll stay here in Monteverde awaiting the next team, while Diane stays with us until we leave for the airport on Saturday. For every student, service-learning in Costa Rica has been inspirational! High School Student Service-Learning in Costa Rica […]


A Day of Service for High School Volunteers in Costa Rica

High School volunteers in Costa Rica – Robbie, Em, Madi, Elizabeth, and Reilly – describe a day of metal edging, teaching English, and discovering “wild life” with new Costa Rican friends. Today’s projects included metal cutting and metal edging for the new trail by the garden that we bordered and gravel-filled on day one. It looks great. We also […]


Students in Costa Rica Find Magic Happening Around Every Turn

Fountain Hills High School students in Costa Rica – Hailey, Leah, and Harley – report discoveries on their Global Volunteers team.   Today was a long and rewarding day. Magic happened around every turn. The ‘rock mountain’ at the base of our trail-building project was successfully moved by volunteers and students of Colegio one grain bag […]


Working in the Monteverde Forest – Our First Day Volunteering at Colegio

Working in the Monteverde Forest in Costa Rica

Fountain Hills High School student volunteers in Costa Rica – Henry, Brittany G., and Emilee G. – report on their first day of service, working in the Monteverde Forest as Global Volunteers: We began our first day volunteering at the gates of Colegio. We’re working in the Monteverde forest surrounding the beautiful campus. We had our […]


Student Group Ready to Volunteer in Santa Elena

Volunteer in Santa Elena

Read about Fountain Hills High School group’s first service-learning day in Costa Rica Getting ready to volunteer in Santa Elena on our service assignments started today with a basic Spanish lesson and orientation to the Monteverde area. We learned about Costa Rica-specific words such as ‘mae’ (which means ‘dude’). We learned to introduce ourselves, our ages, our grades, […]

Highlights from Our Time in Costa Rica

Distance between people, doesn’t mean you can’t be close to their hearts! Two thousand six hundred eighty two miles is exactly how far I live from Colegio of Santa Elena (‘colegio’ means secondary school for those like me who don’t speak a lot of Spanish). But all those miles do not come close to how […]