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Working on a very important brochure

Today was spent almost entirely in the teacher’s salon working with Karen on one of the most important tasks so far: creating a bilingual pamphlet detailing the five main projects undertaken by the students of Colegio. These projects include: –  raising and selling both young and mature pigs (for commercial and culinary purposes, respectively) –  caring for nearly […]

Feeling spoiled by our team leader in Costa Rica

Our scheduled plan to paint a classroom today had to be postponed as the pain had not yet arrived. (It is an oil-based paint they use and the machine to make it required repair.) So we will plan to paint later in the week. In preparation for the afternoon classroom (ecotourism), we went up to […]


Our first day volunteering at Colegio

We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel. Then we walked to the Colegio. We walked to the principal’s office where we were greeted by Karen. She took us around to each classroom and answered all of our questions. After we saw the classrooms, we moved on to the farm. We saw the dairy […]


The Gift of My Costa Rican Jouney

by Nikki Hauspurg Reflecting on her volunteer experience as a teen, Nikki said the Global Volunteers program with her mother widened her perspective on her place in the world. I had been nervous the first day in Costa Rica as a rising high school senior at 5’3” and 100 lbs. I was not only the youngest […]

Saying goodbye in Costa Rica

Today was a bittersweet day. It was our last day in Santa Elena working with the students. I am excited to be going home, but it was really hard knowing I probably won’t see any of these students or teachers again. We started the morning off with one last delicious breakfast from the Mar Inn. […]


Leaving something that will last

Today was our last full work day at Colegio. We were assigned to work with Jorge. I woke up sore from the work we had done the day before, but looked forward to working with Jorge again. We went back up the hill and continued to shovel and rake the land to build a garden. […]

Basketball and soccer in Costa Rica

Today Ellie, Justin, Maggie, and I continued to provide our services to the students and teachers of Colegio. Our day started around 6:45 this morning when we had breakfast prepared by the Mar Inn. Coffee was drunk and fresh fruit consisting of pineapple, banana, and watermelon, coupled with granola and raisin cereal were consumed. After […]

Leaving a community feeling prouder

Hello again! After an awesome weekend exploring areas outside of Monteverde, today we finally made our return to Colegio. Matt, Ellie, and I began our day with a brisk three-hour period of shoveling dirt out of old garden plots, which quickly got us back into the spirit of volunteering with the students. As we were […]

You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree…

Today we continued working in the gym to get ready for the science fair. Our preparations today included moving desks and chairs from the classrooms down to the gym, building a stage, and making floral arrangements. I was really surprised how everything came together at the end of the day. The stage looked very nice […]


First full day in Monteverde!

¡Buenas noches! Today was our first full day in Monteverde, and, as expected, it has been an adventure. I mean, when you wake up at six in the morning and the sun is out in full force, you know the day is at least going to be interesting. Today was our first arrival at Colegio and […]