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Leaving a community feeling prouder

Hello again! After an awesome weekend exploring areas outside of Monteverde, today we finally made our return to Colegio. Matt, Ellie, and I began our day with a brisk three-hour period of shoveling dirt out of old garden plots, which quickly got us back into the spirit of volunteering with the students. As we were […]

You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree…

Today we continued working in the gym to get ready for the science fair. Our preparations today included moving desks and chairs from the classrooms down to the gym, building a stage, and making floral arrangements. I was really surprised how everything came together at the end of the day. The stage looked very nice […]


First full day in Monteverde!

¡Buenas noches! Today was our first full day in Monteverde, and, as expected, it has been an adventure. I mean, when you wake up at six in the morning and the sun is out in full force, you know the day is at least going to be interesting. Today was our first arrival at Colegio and […]

First full day in Costa Rica!

Today we woke up early and left the hostel in Alajuela. We hopped into a van to ride to our destination, Monteverde. Along the way, we stopped and got a very delicious breakfast. The ride up the mountain was unreal. I’ve never seen mountains so high, or land so dense with forestry. The roads were […]


Global Volunteers Team 212 : Colegio Continues

This morning I woke to another well made delicious breakfast and the coffee I am now extremely addicted to. After breakfast we went back down to the school to work. While the group was working on the trail again I was shadowing with a farmer named Rafael. He first showed me how to make cheese. […]

Arriba! Arriba! Team 210 Global Volunteers Costa Rica Program

Eight volunteers descended last Saturday from their respective planes to go on a mission…The first two days had Heather, Omar and Mat digging for sand: project: mixing cement for the bathroom complex at the community center , Brittany, Jessica, Jeana and Gloria prepared wood and building scaffolds for paneling the teacher’s quarters. Michelle helped the […]


Planting trees to off set carbon footprint.

Journal by Ella: All 3 of us were working on the project in the green house reforestation with the native costarrican plants… sifting the soil to separate it from stones, then filling small plastic bags with it. Small seedlings were then transplanted into the individual bags and watered. Someday Igor will bring his children to […]


Team 209 : Global Volunteers Costa Rica at local highschool

Our team starts the day by digging posts to replace at the new greenhouse site. This new construction will house growth of the reforestation trees (planted at Colegio site and the Santa Elena Reserve) and hydroponic vegetable garden. Here Ella , Igor and agricultural teacher Daniel measure the plastic ceiling on the basketball court. Tomorrow […]


Gravel, Cloud Forests & Traditional Dance!

Thursday, February 24th Thought of the day and Journal by Chris: “A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see.” – David Douglas Today we finally got to see the cloud forests! We started off the day graveling trails with the Colegio kids as well as a few European […]


13 year old Willie writes about his volunteer experience

There aren’t words that can describe the day we’ve had today, in Spanish, or English. I have experienced so many new things, seen so many new animals, and watched so many faces brighten as they smile. So here is my modest attempt to describe our adventurous day. The first thing in the morning, I woke […]