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“Until I come back, Lord” – A Great Quito Legend

Quito Legend

This is the sixth part to our series on Myths and Legends. Now in Ecuador, here is the legend of father Almeida, the most popular Quito legend.  One day during the colonial period in Quito, Manuel de Almeida, a catholic young man, renounced all in life to become a monk at the San Diego monastery. […]

Explore Quito, Ecuador: You’ll Fall in Love

While on your Global Volunteers adventure in service in Ecuador, you can take your free time to explore Quito and the countryside. Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, Quito is the capital of Ecuador. Due to its very well-preserved colonial center, it was the first city ever to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. […]

Helping Children in Ecuador – Playing, Teaching, Feeding & Hammering

Ecuador Country Manager Maggie Bjorklund describes opportunities to help children in Ecuador with Global Volunteers. In the gorgeous Andes Mountains of Ecuador, South America, Global Volunteers partners with the Foundation of Ladies of Calderón, a non-profit organization that runs two daycare centers on the margin of the city of Quito for disadvantaged families in the […]

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Photos of Service in Ecuador

Global Volunteers Team #164 to Ecuador

Global Volunteers Team #164 in Quito produced engaging photos of service in Ecuador as well as some of the numerous cultural activities. The seven volunteers, including four scholarship recipients from the University of Iowa, served at FUNDAC daycare centers for economically disadvantaged children, helping to care for babies and toddlers,  and assisting with light labor projects. We offer this pictorial example […]

Volunteers in Ecuador Reflect on Their Experience

The Experience of Serving in Ecuador

A team of volunteers discuss the experience of serving in Ecuador: “As I sit down and write and reflect on today, I realize what an amazing opportunity I have been blessed with – a great team leader, a new and beautiful country to experience, and most of all, I am reflecting on the lives of everyone I […]

Squealing With Excitement at the Park

Global Volunteer Alyssa Peiffer helping child on slide in Ecuador

Alyssa, a Global Volunteer in Ecuador, reflects on two weeks of caring for children in Ecuador, offering: “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” – C.S. Lewis. Today is our last normal day at the daycare. Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating and saying our final goodbyes. It’s hard to […]

Sweet Little Sofía: Her Reason for Working With Children in Quito

Children walking to the park in Ecuador with Global Volunteers

This post, excerpted from an Ecuador team journal, provides a glimpse into a day working with children in Quito, and the impact one little girl has on a volunteer. Waking up today, I looked forward to working with Vanesa again. At breakfast, we discussed the plans for the week and for the evening. Today involved a lot of […]


A Life-Changing Volunteer Experience in Ecuador

life-changing volunteer experience

Micah, an Ecuador Global Volunteer and University of Iowa student, reflects on his life-changing volunteer experience in Quito, Ecuador. I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage in Ecuador for a couple weeks. The kids welcomed us with full hearts and grins across their faces on the first day. The food was exceptional. […]


Hugs, Kisses, Laughter Reward Volunteer Opportunity in Ecuador

View of Quito

Ecuador Volunteer,  Margaret, writes about caring for toddlers, riding up a mountain, and enjoying her teammates on a Global Volunteer opportunity in Ecuador. On our second day working at the daycare, we again were greeted by the children’s chorus of “buenos días” that warms my heart. The schedule was altered due to no running water today,  so we […]

A Glimpse of the First Day of Service in Ecuador

The first day of service in Ecuador started after much anticipation by team members. Our Team Leader, Maggie, emailed detailed messages and did a thorough orientation on Sunday, so we felt prepared to work at the daycare center. We left for Calderón shortly after breakfast. Our rocky drive up the mountain on a narrow road revealed a spectacular […]