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Transformative Student Volunteer Trip to Ecuador

Student Volunteer Trip in Ecuador

It’s common to leave a student volunteer trip with Global Volunteers transformed – for the better. Ecuador Program Student Volunteer Chelsea,  from Morehead State University, briefly describes her personal transformation: The entire experience as a whole was absolutely fantastic! Our team leader, Maggie, was wonderful and always there when we needed her.  The tías were all so welcoming and […]


Up Close in Ecuador: “Here I am. Welcome to my life.”

Volunteer with children in Ecuador

By Katie, Ecuador Global Volunteer Experiencing a Mother’s Life in Ecuador. While most of us come to Global Volunteers with intentions of making the world a little better place for others, more often than not, it is the volunteers who are equally the benefactors of having experienced the humble culture in which we are invited to work. […]

Beautifully and Wonderfully Different

Team Journal Entry for Friday, July 10  Today was so bittersweet. We concluded our service at daycare center one today and those kids and tías have made such an impact on me. The love and fun and humor and respect and value shared within the freshly painted walls of the small building sitting inside a […]


Students Volunteer with Children in Ecuador

Zoe Feldmann, a University of Iowa student, had a yearning to spend her Summer break doing something more meaningful than her regular routine. So she and a few of her college peers packed their suitcases and headed to Quito, Ecuador to volunteer abroad. They embarked on this journey to volunteer with children and make a difference in the lives […]

Emotional, Thankful, and Extremely Appreciative

Team Journal Entry for Friday, May 29 Today was our last day at the daycare and it was an amazing end to our adventure here in Ecuador. The tías and children put on a program dedicated to thanking us, showing their appreciation, and saying their goodbyes to us. It opened by the tías preforming a […]

Ecuadorian Spanish – The Mixing of Cultures

With 330 million native speakers, Spanish is the fourth most widely-spoken language in the world according to The Statistics Portal. Spanish is the official or national language of 19 countries in the Americas. The U.S., with some 44 million Spanish speakers, ranks #3 in number of Spanish speakers in the world, according to Throughout many […]

Quito, at the Middle of the World

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is a city of about 2.6 million residents located at an elevation of 9, 350 feet. It’s the highest capital city in the world and is located about 0.62 miles south of 0° latitude – two characteristics that make this city very distinct. ‘Ecuador’ means ‘equator’ in Spanish. The city is […]

Will Never Forget Those Little Faces

Last journal entry of Team #157! Well, two weeks, six tías, one Global Volunteer team leader (Maggie)-FUNDAC representation, Sonia from the ministry, and five volunteers later, we have completed our service as servant-learners at Daycare Center #1 in Calderón, Ecuador! The last day all the children put on a show for us. Tía Norma and […]

Beyond the Superficiality of Fast-Paced Travel

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, January 28 It’s Wednesday and our third day at the childcare centre. Before I tell you about today, allow me to recount last night’s adventure. After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing like a little fun to recharge the batteries and so we set off to see Old Quito by […]

Keeping Busy Rocking, Running, and Painting

So here goes,  journal entry for Day Two, Team 157, Quito, Ecuador! We all get into the van – Pam, Dee Dee, Roberto, Mark, myself, and, of course, Maggie! We arrive after a typical drive in morning traffic at daycare center #1 in Calderón, split into groups, and begin with some people working on the […]