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Creative Teaching in India – Cow Girls and a Banana Phone

teaching in India

Global Volunteer, Michelle, reports on creative ways to engage students in learning English when teaching in India. After dropping Steve and Barbee at Assisi Illam, Jennifer and I headed back to Christ the King School for a second day with the 4th and 5th graders. We built on the animal teams and team slogans created on […]


Immersion in Indian Culture – Sights, Smells and Spirit

Indian culture

Global Volunteers on our India Service Program remark on the many opportunities to take in Indian culture on the streets, in the classroom, and sharing conversation in a local family’s home. Our day began early to make time before breakfast to visit the flower, fruit and veggie market, the largest in all of Asia. The size […]

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My Impact Volunteering in Chennai, India

volunteer impact

Reflections by Emily, an India Global Volunteer, on the cumulative positive volunteer impact on students in Chennai. Before I made the decision to come to Chennai, India, I debated with myself over what my true volunteer impact would be in such a short period of time. I didn’t know if my time and effort volunteering […]


Volunteer Reflects on Responsible Volunteering

responsible volunteering

Global Volunteers’ Philosophy of Service guides team members on the principles of responsible volunteering. This alumni volunteer shares a practical example of how this works on site in Chennai, India and elsewhere around the world. By Fran, India Volunteer.   At Assisi Illam, the daycare center in Chennai where we’re serving, we’ve just finished singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little […]


Chameleon on iPad Clever for Teaching Students in India

teaching students in India

India Global Volunteer Fran employs her creativity and bright personality to motivate primary school students at Christ-King School in Chennai.  Using an iPad and a story about a chameleon, she creates a lesson about colors, reason, and sentence structure. All the way to the school, I kept hoping that the short video of a chameleon changing […]

Joy as a Volunteer in India

volunteer in Chennai, India

Team Journal by Fran for Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016. Wow! Today as a volunteer in Chennai India was filled with joy. Although it began as a typical morning as a Global Volunteer in Chennai, the sun was out, the dogs barked early in the morning, the crows (a species so different from our American birds) delivered their raucous morning […]

My 3rd Time to Christ King School


Journal entry by Fran for August 1, 2016. The weekend is over and it is Monday, my first day at Christ King School. Actually, it is my first day at the school this year. I volunteered at Christ King in 2013 and 2014, but it is like any first day of school. There is a […]

Experienced both Joy and Sadness


Team Journal by Fran for Friday, 29th July 2016. Today is my last day of volunteering at Assisi Illam. I had not anticipated the depth of feelings I have developed for the children and kind women there. I experienced both joy and sadness, the joy of being with the little children and the sadness of […]


Exploring Indian Markets

Exploring Indian Markets

Team Journal by Fran for Thursday, 28th July 2016: Exploring Indian Markets. My day in Chennai began earlier than usual. I left the guest house around 6:30 this morning to go to the market. It is important to arrive early at Indian markets for several reasons: The morning is cooler and many people arrive early to purchase […]

Fun with the Little Ones at Assisi Illam

Fran at Assisi illam

Team Journal by Fran for Wednesday, 27th July 2016. I was awake before the call of our crow this morning. I have concluded that my strange sleeping hours will make the adjustment for the 12.5 hour difference between Arizona and India time a bit easier when I return to the States. I have been able […]