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Exploring Indian Markets

Team Journal by Fran for Thursday, 28th July 2016: Exploring Indian Markets. My day in Chennai began earlier than usual. I left the guest house around 6:30 this morning to go to the market. It is important to arrive early at Indian markets for several reasons: The morning is cooler and many people arrive early to purchase […]

Team Journal by Fran for Wednesday, 27th July 2016. I was awake before the call of our crow this morning. I have concluded that my strange sleeping hours will make the adjustment for the 12.5 hour difference between Arizona and India time a bit easier when I return to the States. I have been able […]

Team Journal by Fran for Tuedsay, 26th July 2016. I awoke to the raucous cries of our crow, the swoosh sound of the native coconut stemmed broom scraping the concrete, and the awakening of traffic. Soon the metal pots and pans began to play their morning song in the kitchen below me. It is the […]

Busy First Day Volunteering in India

Team Journal by Fran for Monday, 25th July 2016: Busy First Day Volunteering in India. Message of the day: One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from the eyes of another human being. The message for the day seems especially appropriate because seeing our reflection from the eyes of a child is […]

Team Journal for Sunday, 24th July 2016. Sunday arrived with sunshine. I am already adjusting to the 12.5 hour difference in time. I suspect my plane travels contributed to the success. I slept well and arose around seven, read, and ate a lovely breakfast — all while Stephen’s family attended church services. When they arrived […]

Thought for the day:  “For one minute, walk outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is.” What a wonderful day meeting with Stephen, our wonderful, kind, compassionate leader, along with our fantastic team. Since there are only 4 of us on the team, we have our own […]

Team Journal for Tuesday – January 19th 2016. Pre-Departure Tuesday After a weekend of flu-like symptoms, I was very pleased to wake with a much healthier body this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and dosa (my favorite!) our team left for their respective destinations—Maddie and Carol to utilize their teaching abilities at a […]

Team Journal for Monday, 28th December 2015. Today was a very special day.  It was the First Holy Communion for the five youngest children at Assisi Illam: Jasmine, George, John, Sophia and Sylvia.  I met these children six years ago and through annual visits, have become close with these children.  The children were dressed in […]

Team Journal for Wednesday, 23rd December 2015 “Life should be great rather than long” – B.R. Ambedkar Today was a great day, and was no exception to the wonderful time we have been having day after day here in Chennai. We had our usual schedule today, going to Assisi Ilam in the morning and Seam […]

Team Journal for Monday, 21st December 2015 It is great to be back in India again, now for the sixth time.  This year is extra special for me as my “friend”, Erich joined in on the adventure.  It’s rewarding the share such an important part of my life with the people I love. Now here, […]