QUERETARO, MEXICO: The glorious past – the dynamic present! By Francoise Yohalem Volunteer Team Leader When I agreed to lead a team of volunteers to Queretaro, Mexico, I had already traveled extensively to more “exotic” sites south of our border, mostly in Central and South America, and I relied on memories of an earlier trip […]

Ready for the “Adventure of a Lifetime?” I recommend Kunming, China with Global Volunteers! Working with the English teachers in the Kunming Global Volunteers program last year reminded me of the time very many years ago when I was a student teacher and a first and second year teacher. My teaching partner, Dr. Martin Choy, […]

January 16, 2008 George Hayes Day 12 for Team 60 and Day 2 for Pongal. The day began with another great Indian bread which Rani had deep fried for breakfast. They were Indian bread balloons. Some of us topped them with sugar and we all enjoyed the treat. Following breakfast we went to our assignments. […]

Okra Poriyal (serves 6) 1 tablespoon cooking oil ½ teaspoon mustard seed ¼ cup chopped red onion 1-2 tablespoons fresh whole curry leaves 4 cups sliced okra 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 tablespoons masala ½ teaspoon turmeric Heat oil in a large pan. Add mustard seeds and salt – stir. Add curry leaves and onions, […]

We who have come so far, and have so far to go. Can three days bring a change? Can we grasp the leap from our high tech world to subsistence farming? Can we possibly assimilate the change from Dubai to Dar es Salaam to Iringa to Ipalamwa? Today Mohamed pulled us and rocked us and, […]

Thoughts of a Grandmother: Most parents want their children to be happy and successful throughout their lives. Unfortunately, the mainstream culture in western society has defined happiness and success by the amount of material goods an individual possesses, or is capable of purchasing. Parents’ buy the latest video games, I-Pods, and cell phones to create […]

The protagonists in “The Ugly American” were early examples of “generalized Global Volunteer types”. I just re-read the book and this is only partly true. The book, as you probably know, was written 50 years ago in the early anti-communist era when West threw money at the corrupt third world governments to build vast projects […]