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Joe’s intrepid band of volunteers had another good day continuing to work with students at several schools and also with one-on-one tutoring.  David reported that he and Noreen had a lively discussion with a 10th grade class who had formulated questions regarding the media and censorship in the U.S.    They also met with a 9th grade […]

Hard to believe that this is the beginning of our final week in Beja.  We know much more about this beautiful city, the surrounding areas, and the Portugese than we did just one week ago.  We all have mastered how to get to our schools and I’m pleased to say I finally know how to […]

Our nine seasoned teacher-helpers started out for our schools in a  heavy fog, but Lynn and I now know the way and no longer get lost. This was our longest teaching day. We had five classes in the morning, a regular class in the afternoon, and then a one-on-one session with students who needed special […]

During breakfast, Barbara read her Monday entry in the journal, followed by the team’s impressions about their 2nd day on the job. We reported back a variety of experiences, as our students range from very young pupils struggling to learn a few simple words, to older teens very able to discuss sophisticated subjects in perfect English, […]

Judy and I met Joe in the lobby at 8:45 to walk to our school, Santiago Major. In the teacher’s lounge we met Irene, the head of the English language department, to complete our schedules, and met two other teachers, Jose and Consecao. As we approached our first classroom with Irene, the 6th graders were […]

Our new team gathered for breakfast at the TrypOriente Hotel in Lisbon after safely traveling from many points in the U.S.  Lynn, John, Judy, Ann, Barbara, Noreen, Karen, Ruth and David and our valiant leader, Joe Testa, set out for Beja to begin one or two weeks of teaching English.  I think we were all pleased by the […]

Finally, the long awaited rains have come, Portugal is grateful for them!  As Kei puts it, “Gold from the sky!” Bobbie, Diane and Paul met for their last classes today.  As expected, leaving was not easy.  They are very fortunate students to have had such perceptive and innovative teachers.  It was a very good match, […]

Thursday dawned blue and bright with the promise of another memorable day in Beja.  The countdown has begun to the end of our journey, and the realization that we will be arriving back home a little wiser, a little more humble and a lot more full. Reba had a good afternoon tutoring one-on-one with her […]

Joe, Carlos, Francisco (the driver), Joe, Mary, Arleen and myself went on a mystery trip organized by Carlos.  We went to Albernoa today.  We saw orange trees, olive trees and grape vines.  The orange trees were loaded with oranges.  Arleen could hardly contain herself. We arrived at the Cascado Santa Vitoria Winery in time for […]

Another great weather day in Beja – clear skies and perhaps 72 degrees. Joe and I had a few hours of free time in the morning.  We visited the Municipal Museum which had an excellent interpretive handout in English.  Well worth the one eruo (retired person entrance fee) which also includes entrance to the Roman […]