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Paul, Diane and Bobbie greeted their morning class at the Instituto Politécnico de Beja with “T.G.I.F.” – another new slang expression to add to their growing list.A serious discussion about religion in the U.S. followed as a student wanted to know how we manage with so many different religions in our country.  Topics covered ranged […]

Mary and Joe’s day at the Dom Manuel I secondary school was informative, interesting and frustrating.  Today was Greve Geral (National General Strike), and it affected the school day. Workers around the country are protesting the economic impacts resulting from the Portuguese Government’s acceptance of the terms of the European Union’s bailout.  Workers are unhappy […]

Our second morning in Beja dawned cool and crisp with a bright blue sky.  This was a positive foreshadowing of the day to come. As we all awoke to the tranquility of a small Portuguese town, we all began to realize the transition we had made from our chaotic lives of the United States to […]

Today was about getting acquainted, coming together as a team and focusing on specific goals. It began with our bus journey to Beja – our home away from home for the next two weeks.  During our travels we witnessed the natural beauty of the Alentejo Region of Portugal – endless fields of cork and olive […]

The heat wave continues, but so too the shady spots and the cooling breezes. Mornings and evenings are the perfect time for walking, shopping and sightseeing provided our teaching schedules permit (often they do). The Global teaching volunteers at Escola de Santiago were treated to a formal dinner at lunchtime yesterday, all planned, prepared and served […]

A recent volunteer shares their first impression of Global Volunteers’  volunteer program in Portugal. From my first look at Beja, I fell in love. It is all I imagined this part of the world would be: narrow winding streets of small pavers set in patterns, Moorish architecture, shops intermingled with colorful doors leading into homes, […]

Another beautiful Beja day – wonderfully cool and pleasant morning and evening, blisteringly hot and sunny mid-day. The locals have assured us that “isto nao e comum.” But probably we won’t have a chance to find out. Joanne and I are quite warmly greeted by our students at Escola Bento de Jesus Carala as they […]

We volunteers continue to travel in various directions, off to our assigned schools in Beja and beyond. Some need to arrive by 8:15 am, while others don’t start teaching until 3:00 pm. In spite of our diverse schedules, we are a very harmonious group of 13, and enjoy catching up with each other at meal […]

Our second day in the schools of Beja and outlying municipalities was filled with activities of engagement. The volunteers actively worked to engage the students and teachers in their respective educational settings with introductory conversational English speaking opportunities. At the vocational-technical school, Joanne and Marcia enticed reluctant speakers and interested students, focusing on the topic […]

We are happy to share that a team filled to capacity is currently serving in Beja, Portugal! Based on the huge demand for volunteer opportunities in Portugal in recent months, our staff and volunteer team leader are investigating new community partnerships in order to offer greater service opportunities in the months and years to come. […]