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Considering a volunteer service program in Portugal? Chances are, your Portugal volunteer team leader will be Mr. Joe Testa! Joe Testa has over 50 volunteer team leader experiences under his belt. He says he really enjoys doing what he does for a lot of reasons. He likes that it provides him the opportunity to experience […]

Today started off very rushed as I quickly tried to get ready for school. Ann and I headed out to the middle school and fortunately found our way quite easily, getting home however was a different story. We had a variety of students at different levels and had a great experience. During one of our […]

I truly believe that it was destiny that Beja and Global Volunteers discovered one another. After all, legend has Beja recognized as a peace center dating back to the Romans and Global Volunteers is all about promoting peace through mutual understanding – a “perfect match.” Today was about coming together as a team, learning about […]

To the castle, its tower a beacon of help as we loose our way along narrow, winding streets To the café’ next door with its sweet treats, my lattes each morning, and friendly conversation in the afternoon To the mandolin concert in Pax Julia and citizen band on the street outside To the Heritage Center […]

Travel is so educational, especially when it’s more than a tour as in “if it’s Tuesday it must be Poland”. Yesterday I was slightly lost in Beja. A couple from Winnipeg, Canada asked me directions to the castle. I flapped my arm in the general direction and went on. Two hours later we crossed paths […]

Since I do not interact with many of you during my teaching day I will tell of some of my experiences working in the schools in Vidigueira. There is a Basic and a Professional school. Michelle and I are a team and board the school bus each morning at 8:15 and arrive around 9:00 – […]

Let’s experience Portugal!   Beja is in Alentejo in southern Portugal. Alentejo is supposedly sun baked (but we’ve seen the unusual rain) and large – one third the size of Portugal. The guide book describes it as having vast rolling plains, golden with wheat (probably in June) or silver with olive trees, with white washed […]

Monday, Sept. 29 Bom Dia! We had our first breakfast at the hotel before we set out for our various assignments. Scott and I had a walk of ten minutes or so to our school. In our first class, three girls were selected to show us around the school. One, who came from Mexico, had […]