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by Tracy Heaberlin Have you ever googled travel, service, and babies? I did about 10 years ago, and it led me to Global Volunteers. Working as a health-care provider, I was interested in spending some of my vacation time engaging in short-term volunteerism. Global Volunteers helps provide short-term volunteers on long-term service projects to create, […]

Family volunteering in Romani

When 14-year-old Cassi Kay volunteered in Romania with her grandmother, Shirley and Aunt Colleen, she wasn’t aware how that experience would impact her future education. Her essay, “My Epiphany, “ submitted with six college applications, helped secure six admissions. Here is Cassi’s story: “I was fourteen when I discovered what so many search for their […]

Global Volunteers’ partner communities have engaged families of all ages and sizes in community development projects on service programs since 1984. The Huff family is exceptional; sharing the world of service in Romania, Poland, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ghana with their four daughters. Lisa Huff tells their story: In the spring of 2007, my husband […]

by Sue Surma I have many poignant memories of my international travel over two decades, but the ones I most frequently awaken with in the morning is of my volunteer service in Romania. There, I tended and nurtured about 30 infants and toddlers, ranging in age from five months to two years with Global Volunteers. […]

Journal by: Jamie Huntley First day of the volunteer work projects for Team #206: This day was a big one. In the morning,  we all got up probably thinking the same thing, “today is the day we get to find out why we are here.” Excitement,  anticipation, and curiosity of the unknown was in the air around breakfast and […]

Journal entry by: Jennifer Maddox Monday, June 15th, 2015: First day at the hospital FLEW BY! The team: Libby and I are returning to Barlad for the second time; the first being winter of 2012. This is Margaret’s first time in Romania but her third trip with Global Volunteers. Terry arrives in Romania for her first overseas volunteer trip bringing […]

Romania Global Volunteer

Since 1999, over 1, 850 individuals have served in Romania with Global Volunteers – providing more than 150, 000 service hours. And each year, people continue to graciously spend their yearly vacation time sharing love and offering care to the infants and toddlers at the “Elena Beldiman” Children’s Hospital ward in Barlad, Romania. Why? What inspires them to […]

Family Service Programs with Global Volunteers

Barbara values the importance of helping others and makes it a top priority in not only her life, but her children’s lives as well. Her children, Olivia, Alex, and Jack, have volunteered on four family service programs worldwide: the Cook Islands, Poland, Ecuador, and the most recent, Romania. We asked the Scafidi family about their […]

Evan Boido, 11 time Romania Global Volunteer, explains how difficult it is to say goodbye to the children – even after practicing 10 times before. As with my 10 previous Romania programs, today was a bit sad saying goodbye to the children. It reminds me why I always come back – because I miss those […]

You may never again feel so appreciated after volunteering with the infants and toddlers in the children’s ward of Municipal Hospital in Barlad. The children with sight or hearing impairments or mental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome and PKU crave your personal attention and care. Read below for an inspirational story told through the […]