Cadyn 8 years old journals a day with Global Volunteers

We woke up and got dressed (including sun tan lotion, water bottles, the first aid kit, and work stuff). Then we had a delicious breakfast of hot dogs, cheese, gallo pinto (rice and beans mixture), fruit, and for a drink melon juice. Then we had a meeting where Connor read his journal entry and Colton read his thought of the day. Then finally the Mango Tangos were off to work. At work we made a fresh new layer in the blocks, filled in the blocks with rocks, and collected rocks for inside the blocks. Then we had lunch. It was a delicious lunch of beef and vegetable soup called “Olla de Carne”, fruit, rice, and salad. Elvin played his guitar for us and we played a mini game of soccer before we went back to work. We did some more stuff with the blocks, and took a few breaks. The van picked us up early today and we had an early dinner. Dinner was also delicious. We had cheese and bean empanadas, beef and vegetable rice, and salad. For drink we had fruit punch, and for dessert we had coconut and sugar cane crisps and little white and pink candies. The candies were squishy and sweet. Then we had some time to do whatever we wanted. After that, we went on a night walk. The animals we saw were two sloths, three stick bugs, two huge crickets, a lot of headlight bugs, a raccoon, a huge ant colony (leaf cutter ants), an armadillo, bats, sleeping birds and a tarantula. We also got to see stars and also a beetle been eaten by the leaf cutter ants. On the night walk we also saw lots of cool and interesting plants. Then we went into town, got ice cream and snacks, and did some errands. We went back to the hotel, and then went to bed to charge our batteries for the next day!

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