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Thoughts from a 10-time Global Volunteer

Global Volunteers salutes Tom Medsger for his remarkable service making a difference on 10 Global Volunteers service programs since 2007, with nine in Mexico and one in Portugal. Mexico and its students have captured Tom’s heart. As English has become the language of commerce, technology, and opportunity worldwide, students greatly value the opportunity to practice with […]


Models of Global Action: Keith and Tim Travel the World to Serve

Global Volunteers Keith Kresge and Tim Cunniff travel to serve worldwide. Together and individually, they’ve served on 37 service programs since 1998, and say they can’t imagine a better way to experience other cultures. Keith has volunteered on 22 service programs including three trips to India, two each to St. Lucia,  Mexico, Vietnam and Italy, as […]

Faithful Global Volunteer Serves 16 Times in Romania

Steve Wenzel has a huge heart for the disabled, and often orphaned, children who are hospitalized in Romania. There are no words to describe Steve, who has faithfully served these vulnerable Romanian children on 16 Global Volunteers service programs since 1999, and his mother, Lorraine, who has joined him on 5 of these programs. They just keep on […]

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Committed Global Volunteers Jim and Carla La Rochelle

Global Volunteers salutes Jim and Carla La Rochelle for their exceptional service as Global Volunteers since 2005. Jim has served on 8 service programs in Cuba, St. Lucia, Montana, Costa Rica, Poland and Mexico and Carla, his wife,  has joined him on 6 of these. Jim and Carla, who are both retired teachers, have participated on […]

Roger Rowley, 5-time Global Volunteer!

Global Volunteers salutes Roger Rowley. Roger has served on 5 Global Volunteers service programs since 1991: Java (Indonesia), Vietnam, the Cook Islands, Tanzania and Romania. Roger writes, “My experience with Global Volunteers came after a void of personal involvement in the world after twenty years in a confining business ownership. In my prior field of […]

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Donald and Mickey Marshall: Dedicated Global Volunteers Couple

Global Volunteers salutes Donald (Don) and Mickey Marshall for their loyalty, dedication, and service.  Since 2006, Don has volunteered on 10 Global Volunteers service programs, and together, he and Mickey have served on 9 of them in the Cook Islands, Peru, Tanzania, Costa Rica, China and St. Lucia. Don writes, As a retired chemistry professor […]


Greg and Marcia Potvin, Global Volunteers on 7 Service Programs

Global Volunteers salutes Greg and Marcia Potvin, who have volunteered with us in Cuba, India, Peru, Tanzania, Romania and Ecuador on 7 service programs since 2007. Greg writes, I have had the opportunity to work with children in Romania (Tutova), Ecuador, and India (twice). I have also taught English in Cuba and Peru and did […]

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Reflections of Global Volunteer Don Maher III

Global Volunteers salutes Don Maher III, who has served with us in Mexico, Romania, Italy, China, Tanzania, Costa Rica, India, Vietnam and Poland on 10 service programs since 2006! Don writes, “One Man’s View Participating on Global Volunteer’s Programs Do you want to be a traveler or a tourist in life? That is, do you […]

Steve Fox Celebrates 17 Service Programs

Global Volunteers salutes Steve Fox, a dedicated Global Volunteer, who has served on 17 short-term service programs with us.  Steve began his journey as a Global Volunteer back in 2003 in Minnesota, helping immigrants to converse in English.  From then on, he was hooked, and went on to serve with us in Australia, West Virginia, […]


This Romania Volunteer Program Saved His Life

Life-changing trip to Romania

Although he didn’t know it at the time, Ken Kieffer made a life-changing decision to become a Romania Global Volunteer over a decade ago. The attachment he felt to the children on his 2005 service program became an “early warning” of what was to come. Over these years, he’s assisted the experienced nursing staff with the children’s daily needs through […]