christmas in the orphanage

We work with a few Christian organizations in Chennai, India.  Country Manager Stephen Raja reports on a very merry Christmas Eve celebration with our holiday volunteer team. Read about a children’s Christmas in the orphanage: This year we’re celebrating Christmas with the children of Assisi Illam. Last evening, all the volunteers joined the children and […]

Christmas in Peru

Holiday volunteering in Peru has become a Global Volunteers custom in recent years.  Peru Country Managers Daniel Salazar and Maru Moreno describe their work with Global Volunteers teams and local people on holiday teams in Peru. As we get closer to Christmas Eve, the Christmas celebration becomes the most common topic of conversation. For the past two years, whenever […]

How is Christmas in China

This is part of our series on Christmas traditions worldwide. Here Baoli Wang, China Country Manager, describes Christmas in China to Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar.  In many countries, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year. For many people in western countries Christmas is a peaceful and joyful occasion for family gatherings. In a previous post we mentioned […]

The Terracotta Warriors in China

This is the tenth post of our series on Myths and Legends. This is the legend of the Terracotta Warriors in China, told by China Country Manager Baoli Wang.  Many foreign visitors know about the amazing Terracotta Warriors in China, but few know that the site where you can see them is in the city of Xi’an, capital […]

The Chinese Legend of Winter Solstice

This post is actually a mix between two series. It’s part of our series on Myths and Legends but also part of our series on Christmas traditions worldwide, as it takes place during the holiday season in China, although most people there don’t celebrate Christmas. This is the Chinese legend of Winter Solstice.  Today is Dongzhi, or Winter […]

Polish Christmas Eve Dinner

Continuing with our series on Christmas traditions worldwide, Country Director Dorota Wierzbicka describes the age-old customs at her Christmas Eve dinner table.  Wigilia is the Polish name for Christmas Eve. The whole family gathers on that night and waits impatiently for the appearance of the first star. With its first gleam, they all approach the dinner table, […]

Hot Chocolate During Christmas

 Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, writes about the top three crazy things Peruvians do on Christmas. This is #1: Hot Chocolate During Christmas. #1. Hot Chocolate During Christmas Another Christmas tradition in Peru is drinking hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in Peru is made out of cacao melted with milk, and sometimes mixed with coffee and spices. Of course […]

Panettone on Christmas

Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, presents this list of the top three crazy things Peruvians do on Christmas. This is #2: Panettone on Christmas. #2. Peruvians love their Panettone on Christmas: For some reason Peruvians love to eat certain foods during particular times of the year or holidays. We will talk about that later. For now, all […]

Fireworks on Christmas

Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, writes about “three crazy things Peruvians do to celebrate Christmas.” This is #3: Fireworks on Christmas. #3 Fireworks on Christmas: Everyone loves fireworks – except for dogs. You might have nice memories of fireworks on 4th of July or on your trip to Disney. That is nice, but Peruvians take fireworks to another level on […]

the invention of Chopsticks

This is the eighth part to our series on Myths and Legends. Again in China, this is the legend of the invention of Chopsticks.  For westerners visiting China, one of the things one must learn in order to survive is to manage the use of chopsticks- a pair of small and thin sticks of the same […]