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The Huff Family Worldwide

Global Volunteers’ partner communities have engaged families of all ages and sizes in community development projects on service programs since 1984. The Huff family is exceptional; sharing the world of service in Romania, Poland, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ghana with their four daughters. Lisa Huff tells their story: In the spring of 2007, my husband […]


“Our family volunteer experience in Crete was one of the highlights of my life.”

Family volunteer experience in Crete

Reflections from Colleen Shannon, who volunteered with her daughter, Lauren, and two grandsons, Max and Darwin in Crete, Greece: Our family volunteer experience in Crete last month was one of the highlights of my life. Not only was it personally fulfilling, but watching my daughter and grandsons interact with the children, other volunteers and our hosts was […]


Family Volunteering in Tanzania

Family volunteering in Tanzania

Carol Ann signed up for the Tanzania Volunteer Program with her husband, Ray, and their two teenage daughters, Mary Kathryn and Emma (19 and 17 years old). Read as Carol Ann beautifully reflects on her meaningful experience with her family volunteering in Tanzania together with Global Volunteers: “This experience is hard to put into words, but I hope that […]

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The Scafidi Family: 4 Family Service Programs

Barbara Scafidi values the importance of helping others and makes it a top priority in not only her life, but her children’s lives as well. Olivia Scafidi (daughter, 13 years old), Alex Scafidi (daughter, 12 years old), and Jack Scafidi (son, 8 years old) have volunteered on FOUR family service programs worldwide with their parents: Cook […]


A Mother-Daughter Adventure in Service

After mutually experiencing a yearning to get off the beaten track, Lisa Graumlich and her daughter, Maya Graumlich, decided to make a difference in the world by becoming Global Volunteers. So in the summer of 2014, Lisa and Maya embarked on an exciting adventure to provide meaningful service to the children and community in Pommern, a […]


Liz and Jacob Turnage: A Mother-Son Volunteer Duo

In the summer of 2014, Liz Turnage and her son, Jacob, decided to take some time out of their busy schedule to make a difference in a rural village in Tanzania, Pommern. This was a difficult task given that Liz is a full-time and hardworking physician and Jacob is an active 16-year-old boy and an […]


Volunteering with the Pollards

  In the winter of 2014, Deborah Pollard (middle above) and her two children, Meghan (right above) and Aidan (left above), embarked on a volunteer experience of a lifetime to Pommern, a rural village in Tanzania, with Global Volunteers. They lived and volunteered in Pommern for 6 weeks, providing a variety of different services throughout […]

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Reflections From Madeleine!

In August 2014 Matt and Anita Wells along with their four children Eliza, Madeleine, Nathaniel, and Lydia took part on a service program here in Malevizi, Greece. They, along with thirteen other volunteers ranging in age from ten years to 64  years, split up into small groups, chose their class assignments, and got to work helping […]


Meaningful Work on the Reservation

This is simply an amazing experience for my daughter and for me.  I’m profoundly appreciative that I had the opportunity to do some work related to psychiatry (although I still would have been happy to paint fences!). The treatment program where I did an in-service with the staff on debriefing is really pretty amazing.  They were remarkably receptive, […]


A Family’s Service Adventure in Tanzania

The Ford Family of Great Falls, Montana (all nine of them) served together in Pommern in June 2013.  This is their journal of their Adventure in Service. 8/6/13 – Lovely seaside dinner with Edward. The food is delicious and the view of the water amazing, but we realize this is the tourist “Disneyland” part of […]