17 Photos That Will Make You Want to Become a Global Volunteer

17 Photos That Will Make You Want to Become a Global Volunteer

These photos will inspire you to volunteer abroad, today.   1. You’ll watch the minds (and smiles) of children grow. China Photo Taken By: Wang Baoli, China Country Manager Volunteers Pictured: Kelly and Hunter Palm   2. And in many cases, you will learn as you teach. Tanzania Photo Taken By: Jacob Turnage, Global Volunteer, via http://www.jacobturnage.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/jacobturnagephotography Volunteer Pictured: Liz Turnage   3. […]

Make Sure You Help, Not Hurt When Visiting Cuba

As President Obama declares “Change is going to happen in Cuba,” Global Volunteers President and CEO offers advice to Americans in a widely released editorial: Cuba is a wonderful country of many contradictions. It boasts one of the world’s highest literacy rates, yet food is rationed throughout the island.  Its highly educated teachers and lawyers […]

Learn and Serve While You Travel the World

Volunteer abroad as a family, group, individual, or couple in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America or the South Pacific. Two weeks as a Global Volunteer is a journey of a lifetime! [pardot-form id=”10091″ title=”country fact sheet request”]

China: Leave Your Mark on History

Working together, we change the world. Nowhere else can you be more effective!  Teach English to Chinese students, and help Chinese English teachers improve their skills.  Contribute to the common good that secures world peace. Doubt it? Consider this: We know direct people-to-people initiatives bring lasting change. Governments and businesses can’t do that.  But you can. Powerful […]


Reading Glass Campaign – A Great Success

With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we carried out a reading glass campaign in Ecuador to distribute reading glasses to members of the community. Since 1996, Global Volunteers has partnered with the local organization FUNDAC (the Spanish acronym for Foundation of Ladies of Calderón) in Calderón, Quito. Quito is the capital of Ecuador, nestled […]



“But do we make a difference?” You sure do!

We are often asked by volunteers whether their support of literacy with children in the Cook Islands really makes a difference. We can tell you emphatically – YOU DO! The Cook Islands culture is predominantly an oral culture with most homes having no books in the home other than a bible. This impacts hugely on […]


Farming in Cuba

Global Volunteers assists local farmers in our partner community of Ciego de Avila.  On our inaugural service program in May, 2015, volunteers worked alongside paid community laborers on weeding and harvesting produce at “Garden Number 2.”  (Read “Being a Farmer In Cuba” on one volunteer’s blog.)  The vegetables are provided to childcare centers and sold to community […]

Landmark Cuba Volunteer Program Begins!

After a quick one-hour flight to Santa Clara, we’re off to Ciego de Avila with our gracious hosts, Eduardo and Ramon. We arrived at our wonderful hotel (Hotel Ciego De Avila), got our room assignments and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. On Sunday, we had the privilege of joining Eduardo for his Church service. […]