Global Volunteers is the leading non-profit volunteer abroad organization offering short-term volunteers the opportunity to contribute to development abroad or in the U.S. Founded in 1984, Global Volunteers works in 17 countries worldwide. All costs are tax-deductible.

Today’s all staff meeting — within our two-week training sessions in St. Paul, Minnesota — was highlighted by naming three outstanding staff members for special recognition. Regional Manager Dorota Wierzbicka(right in photo) was presented with Global Volunteers’ first Staff Person of the Decade Award in appreciation for her long-term, consistent leadership in Global Volunteers’ field […]

“Welcome to snowy Minnesota!” Global Volunteers CEO Bud Philbrook welcomed back 11 of our country managers to St. Paul, Minnesota, where they joined USA staff at our annual staff training, beginning today. After a morning review of our 27-year history of service worldwide, the conversation evolved into a lively discussion about responding to our host […]

Good morning Global Volunteers! We’ve hit the final stretch and we must keep voting in the Star Tribune Full Page Project! Please do everything you can today to keep voting each hour and engaging those around you. Thank you, again, for your dedication!! Only a few hours to go…. JUST KEEP VOTING FOR GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS! […]

Global Volunteers’ team in Hanoi celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Foreign Trade University. FTU is a public university; considered to be one of the top institutions of higher learning in Vietnam. Volunteers teach conversational English skills to students in English language classes.

From November 15 – November 21 the Star Tribune newspaper is holding a contest entitled ‘Full Page Project’ amongst MN non-profits and the winner will receive a free full page ad in the Sunday paper! Please vote for us this week ~ you can vote once per hour! Here is the link where you can […]

Dear Volunteers, Our partnership started together with the democratic changes in Poland. After many years of studying Russian we needed to have a well qualified English speaking Polish cadre that could lead us into the European Union and NATO. For all these years, you have offered us the most unique form of volunteering; you have […]

As our volunteer teams grow larger and more frequent, we offer these tips for maximizing your positive impact in the host community: First, confine your service to work projects based on local leaders’ vision, commitment and contributions. Such volunteer projects don’t cost local people more effort than the volunteer contribution merits. Second, be aware that […]

Global Volunteers facilitates human and economic development at the community level and engages volunteers to do much of the work. But as is stated in Global Volunteers “Philosophy of Service — Strategy for Development, ” only local people actually do development. An organization like Global Volunteers can help facilitate development and volunteers can help catalyze […]

It is a pleasure to a on the team in Queretaro, especially in February and March. Central Colonial Mexico is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year, but is especially nice during late winter, when you can enjoy the beautiful flowers. The hotel where Global Volunteers stay in Queretaro is centrally located […]

I am so lucky to be a volunteer team leader for Global Volunteers. The most extraordinary people decide to participate in our programs. It is a privilege for me to work with them. My friends ask why I continue to lead teams…the answer is so simple. I have an absolute belief in the philosophy of […]