Thank You, Global Volunteers

First let me thank you, Global Volunteers, for honoring me on your Changewagers Blog. I am deeply honored to be listed among such an impressive group of people, who have and continue to make the world a better place for those in need. I honor each of you for the work that you are doing. […]

Because I have been given much, I too must give

Last Christmas break, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Puericultorio (P.P.A.) orphanage in Lima, Peru with Global Volunteers. During my time at P.P.A., I was thoroughly trounced by the orphans on the soccer field and learned, first hand, the challenges of holding the attention of 3rd graders for more than 3 seconds. […]

Reaching Out in Uncertain Times

Now more than ever, our host partners are looking to Global Volunteers for the kind of help we have been providing for 25 years. Our volunteers bring the face of kindness and compassion in person, through their hands-on service to organizations worldwide who have invited Global Volunteers into their communities. Yes, these are uncertain times, […]

In Gratitude for the Privilege and Value of Volunteering

Global Volunteer Rick Koniar in Chennai, India In Gratitude for the Privilege and Value of Volunteering As a volunteer to local efforts apart from my role with Global Volunteers, I personally experience the joy and satisfaction of making a difference to local efforts frequently each month. And, I know that were it not for my […]


When I agreed to lead a team of volunteers to Queretaro, Mexico, I had already traveled extensively to more “exotic” sites south of the USA border, mostly in Central and South America, and I relied on memories of an earlier trip to Mexico – many years before…. This recent service program experience in Mexico gave […]


Advice to volunteers: Stay open-minded

Volunteers are often asked what their goals are. That is a better question in our Western world than when we go overseas, because having high expectations may get in the way of the actuality. On a short-term project we may be tempted to think “Oh yes, if we work hard, we’ll be able to finish […]

The Value of Volunteerism

A simple accident of birth has given me a life which has included all the opportunities available to male Caucasions in the U.S. to improve our station in life, to enjoy good health, obtain good education and acquire a satisfactory standard of living during our working years. In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed the world progressing […]