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Best Programs to Volunteer For by Season

best programs to volunteer for in Cuba

Global Volunteers is recognized for offering some of the best programs to volunteer for worldwide. This is largely because of our focus on sustainable development in all our partner communities. Many volunteering families, couples, students, groups and professionals plan their service by season – summer vacation, winter and spring breaks, and fall “shoulder” season up to a […]

Couple Volunteering in Portugal

Couple volunteering opportunities in Beja, Portugal

Reflections from Bill, 3-time Global Volunteer, on couple volunteering in Portugal. My wife Karen and I joined a small team of seven Global Volunteers in Beja, Portugal for a 1-week volunteer service experience. This was our first service trip together, but not our first experience with Global Volunteers; I participated alone in a Global Volunteers service trip […]

Service Trips for Couples: Advice from Seven Couples

Service Trips for Couples

Young couples, old couples, newlyweds, 50+ anniversary couples, LGBT couples… All different kinds of couples join Global Volunteers to experience an adventure in service together. This is an opportunity to learn about a new culture and do something meaningful with your better half – all while growing closer. We offer service trips for couples in […]

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“Where Are the Cook Islands??”

Where are the Cook Islands?

This is a common question Global Volunteer Alumni hear when they return from a volunteer program in the Cook Islands. “Where even is Rarotonga? Where are the Cook Islands? Wasn’t Survivor filmed there? How do you get there?” To most alumni, the Cook Islands are a magical place. It has a piece of their heart. And they […]


A week of Teaching and Learning For All of us!

  Today was the end of a full week—a week of teaching and learning for all of us. The word “bittersweet” came up a few times this morning at breakfast for Meghan and me on our last day of teaching. Last walk by the blue morning glories, the black dog, and the fig trees on […]


Motivated Couple Volunteering Worldwide Reflects on Impact of Service

Global Volunteers Bill and Barb Chase have served together in Ecuador, Tanzania, Montana, West Virginia, St. Lucia and Costa Rica since 2006. This couple volunteering worldwide exemplifies the opportunities to discover the world – and each other – together through service.  Bill, a retired physician/surgeon, and Barb, a retired teacher, are loved and respected by their team […]


An Inspiring Couple Volunteers 8 times Together!

Global Volunteers salutes Jim and Carolyn Brueggemann. Jim, a retired physician, and Carolyn, a retired teacher, have served together on 8 Global Volunteers service and people to people programs since 2003. Their first service program was in Mexico, and then came Romania, Peru, Ecuador, China, Costa Rica, Cuba and St. Lucia.  It’s obvious Jim and Carolyn […]


Keith Kresge and Tim Cunniff: Phenomenal Global Volunteers!

Global Volunteers Keith Kresge and Tim Cunniff are the consummate Global Volunteers (to say the very least about these two men). All told, they have served on 36 service programs with us since 1998. Keith has volunteered on 19 Global Volunteers service programs in India (3 times), Montana, St. Lucia (2 times), Mexico (2 times), Portugal, Vietnam (2 […]

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Committed Global Volunteers Jim and Carla La Rochelle

Global Volunteers salutes Jim and Carla La Rochelle for their exceptional service as Global Volunteers since 2005. Jim has served on 8 service programs in Cuba, St. Lucia, Montana, Costa Rica, Poland and Mexico and Carla, his wife, has joined him on 6 of these. Jim and Carla, who are both retired teachers, have participated on a […]

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Donald and Mickey Marshall: Dedicated Global Volunteers Couple

Global Volunteers salutes Donald (Don) and Mickey Marshall for their loyalty, dedication, and service.  Since 2006, Don has volunteered on 10 Global Volunteers service programs, and together, he and Mickey have served on 9 of them in the Cook Islands, Peru, Tanzania, Costa Rica, China and St. Lucia. Don writes, As a retired chemistry professor […]