China Team 218 Arrived in Xi’an!

China Team 218 Journal for October 11, 2015 

Message of the Day: It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. [Confucius]


The volunteers are warmly welcomed by the teachers and students

Global Volunteers China team 218 got down to business early Sunday morning, October 11th. Wang Baoli gave us background on Global Volunteers history in China, Global Volunteers philosophy, and the 12 essential services. Then Carolyn, Claudia, Jo Carol, and Mary introduced ourselves. We have 1 first-time Global Volunteer, 2 first-time China volunteers, and 2 returning Xi’an volunteers…one on her 9th China program.

We then set about establishing team goals: Learn more about China, Educational Exchange, To teach and encourage English skills, and Be a good USA ambassador. After that, we outlined our criteria for an effective team: Open dialogue, Respect, Mutual support, Collaborative learning, Punctuality, to Have fun. And finally, we assigned various team duties: Journal Manager, Mary; Health & Safety Coordinator, Jo Carol; Celebration Coordinator, Carolyn & Claudia; Free-time Activity, group effort.

We delayed our discussion of health & safety until dinner time in order to focus on our teaching assignments: Claudia & Mary will be at the Xi’an Biomedical Technical College, and Carolyn & Jo Carol will be at the Xi’an High-tech college. In addition, as schedules permit, we will work with hotel staff on their English skills.

Volunteers and Chinese Teachers Discuss Teaching Assignment

Volunteers and Chinese Teachers Discuss Teaching Assignment

After lunch and continuing success in using our chopsticks, we headed off to the Biomedical Technical College to meet with faculty and students from both the institutions where we’ll be working. The students, who graciously gave up their Sunday free-time to attend the meeting, were shy but enthusiastic in introducing themselves, and answering questions about what we said in our introductions.

After a group picture, we met with teachers from our respective schools to understand their needs and expectations. We are all excited and a little anxious about the upcoming week but feel we have a better sense of what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Our long ride back to the hotel was followed by dinner, information from Wang Baoli on health and safety, and return to our rooms to work on lesson plans.

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