Dear friends, Global Volunteers and my fellow teachers:

Another team has ended and we must say good bye. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m very lucky to get the chance to represent my fellow teachers to express our heartfelt gratitude to Global Volunteers, our honored guests. We’ve got a thousand thanks to you. But for the time’s sake, I can name only some of them. Thanks for your hard work! Thanks for your dedications! Thanks for your perseverance in work though not feeling well. Thanks for your help to us! Thanks for your well-prepared classes and speeches both to us and to the senior school students! And thanks for the wonderful time you brought us! Actually, we all feel very sorry that the time passes so quickly and we have to say goodbye to each other. How we wish time could go back so that we might learn more from you.

During our time with you, we have benefited a lot from exchanging ideas on the bilateral cultures, customs, educations and some other interesting topics. You even brought in idioms, jokes, games and songs to the class that really made us feel interested and relaxed, and what’s more, made us more like a family than a class. Most important of all, we also shared our opinions on how to motivate our students to work hard at English and on many different kinds of classroom activities and games. These in all drives us to think “outside the box” of how to learn a language and how to teach a language.

Meanwhile, I hope that, in the past three weeks, we have all done our part and have helped you know more about China. China is a fast developing country and Haikou is a nice city. I hope Global Volunteers have enjoyed their trip here and we welcome future volunteers to Haikou again. We are looking forward to meeting you again and you are always welcomed here. Let us be forever friends.

Finally, I’d like to, on behalf of my fellow teachers, send our best wishes to Global Volunteers:
May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet;
enough hope to keep you happy;
enough success to keep you eager;
enough friends to give you comfort;
enough wealth to meet your needs;
enough enthusiasm to look forward;
enough faith to banish depression;
enough determination to make each day better than yesterday!

Respectfully, “Connie”
Farewell Party of Global Volunteers Team 157 Hainan Island, China
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