Christmas Traditions in Poland – Christmas Eve Dinner

Wigilia is the Polish name for Christmas Eve.  After the breaking of the wafer and exchanging of wishes, everyone sits down at the dinner table. The table is covered with a white tablecloth and there is one additional place set for an unexpected guest who, especially that night, should not be turned away.
Here’s a short list of foods typically found on the Polish Christmas Eve Wigilia table (this is a traditionally meatless dinner):

• Red beet soup with mushroom “uszka” (little pierogi)
• Herring in oil, pickled herring
• Fried carp
• Sauerkraut with mushrooms
• Dried-fruit compote
• Noodles with poppy seeds
• Kutia (a dish made from boiled wheat, poppy seeds, and honey)
• Pierogi, traditionally with cabbage and mushrooms
• Oplatek (Christmas wafer)
These are just a few of the Christmas delights served in Poland!

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