Cleaning the room…and prep

Tuesday April 20th
Picture: Karen goes high for blue skies …
Amy’s journal entry:

We started the day with French toast, cantaloupe, and sausage. It’s always so good to have that first cup of coffee…

We did team goals (and had great cohesion and symmetry). Though there are some ambivalent feelings about our rooster, we settled on his name as Brad. …Then, off to school…

We were very productive today. As soon as we arrived at school, we set about prepping…First, we brought Rita’s books, toys and materials outside. Then, we started spackling (Anna used her finger), sanding and scraping (Karen and Suzy were the Queens here), and Cliff and Miguel put the broken door back on the cabinet…backward…But Miguel, the philosopher abandoned Spanish to say, “C’est la vie”. We said, “Pura Vida”—don’t know if that’s properly placed there. Next, we started painting. First was trim in the bathroom. Then, Karen, Gabriella, and Anna continued on the bathroom, and we were off. I then started on the trim in the classroom and Gabriella joined me. We outlined the walls and each overhead light. Suzy and Karen were scraping and spackling, and Anna and Luis painted, stripped old paint, and painted (again) the remainder of the bathroom.

After another great lunch, we finally rolled the ceiling of the classroom. Gabriella did most of one half, and Karen did much of the other. I was called away to reprise my coffee-making skills, but forgot the filter. Nia saved me with the cotton sock technique and we ended the day with café and delicious chiverre pastries.

Then, off to the Cheese Factory for ice cream, yogurt drinks, and for Punk and me, lengthy milk shakes. Anna and I scored caramels which we tested after yet another delicious dinner of breaded fish, rice, salad and bread. After dinner, Nia taught Cliff how to slice and serve a mango…delicioso. We ended another great day with two beautiful videos of Monteverde; one on its history, and one on its beautiful biodiversity. So much to see; so little time…

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