Our Tanzania Service Program Coming To An End

Everyone seemed refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Musa came in early and built a fire. Mama Tony had fruit, porridge, pancakes, and toast. Stefan went to the clinic; and Sue, Kassidy, Stephen, and I went to the construction site. The children from the kindergarten greeted us enthusiastically, and Kassidy was able to have several Marahabba moments. I stayed a short time so that I could get ready to go to the school to meet with Margaret, one of the teachers. (I had enjoyed visiting Msungu’s Form I English class yesterday.) However, I was informed when I arrived at the school that Margaret had gone to town for the day. I returned to the mission house and started entering the team journal into my computer. As I reached the mission house, I saw Sue and Musa carrying long pieces of wood/logs to the construction site. Arriving there about an hour later I saw that scaffolding was in place so that the Tanzanian masons could work high on the walls. (I don’t think there is workman’s comp here.)

It is always important to report on lunch. Today it was chapati, cabbage, beans, potatoes and yams, and oranges. A colorful meal. Stefan’s report from the clinic was sad – a baby had died during the night.

The construction crew, including Stefan, returned and reported on what will be the work on Thursday. Sue, Stefan, and I walked to the school to take pictures. What and whom should we see on the road coming from the school? The GV van and Mohamed. We greeted him. Then we walked on to the school and happened to meet Bethsheba. She accompanied us to the new kitchen and told us about the serving routine.

We saw students coming into the school area carrying suitcases (sometimes on their heads), boxes, and bags. Stefan suggested that they had arrived on the bus whose horn we had heard a little while ago. We saw one girl run up to an arriving trio and give one of the girls a hug. An international demonstration of delight. Bethsheba found Imelda who joined us with her enigmatic smile. The two girls allowed us to take pictures of them.

Back at the mission house, we saw Kassidy and Stephen who had returned from their pipi shopping expedition with bargain candy. Kassidy then went to the school with Edward.She had a good, extensive (many topics) 1/2 hour conversation with two 19-year-old girls. We had a delicious dinner- again. Edward joined us to talk, and he welcomed back Mohamed. Mama Tony also joined us. She was very appreciative when Sue and Stefan sang a song to her which highlighted her wonderful qualities. Edward announced that we would finish our assignments around nine-thirty tomorrow. We could then clean up and finish packing and say good-bye to new friends. He told Mama Tony that lunch would be at noon (Mzungu time) and that we would leave at 12:30. After dinner each of us received an award from Kassidy who got one from Stephen. Five rounds of UNO, and Stephen remains the champion. Then reading and packing.
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