Engage Your Skills on Meaningful Community Projects

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Community Projects To Help Children.

You’re needed around the world to help children thrive! 

Help create, nurture and sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their community, that they might realize the full promise of their human potential. Supporting pregnant women, and their infants, toddlers, and children through the 18th birthday changes everything. When children are able to reach their potential, they can become full contributing members of their society. Each of these volunteer abroad projects are sustained by successive teams of volunteers, year after year, in partnership with community leaders. You provide essential services by sharing your skills and expertise that often are not otherwise available. Volunteer abroad alongside parents, caregivers, teachers, medical professionals, and local leaders to improve the cognitive and physical development of our world’s future leaders – its youth. Contributing to volunteer abroad projects for just one or two weeks, you will change the arc of a child’s life.  And you’ll add meaning to your own life as well.

Community Projects to Change Lives.

You work at the community level, where vegetables are planted, children are taught, and health care is delivered. Assignments are structured to engage you at a place and pace appropriate to your personal experience and energy. Together with your teammates, you build on the efforts of previous volunteers, enhancing the community’s capacity and long-term knowledge base. This is how you maximize your impact. You dedicate your professional expertise, life experience, and long-held interests to an individual assignment that ripples through the entire community.

“We’ve known each other since last Saturday, and I’m amazed at the talent and achievement on this volunteer abroad team. We have a fighter pilot, a journalist, students, entrepreneurs, a biologist, an artist, and master teachers – many of whom have also mastered life’s most difficult task of parenting. I’ve been places, done some things; am perhaps a bit smug about it. But I asked my wife, ‘can you believe what this group has done?’ I gotta go home and get a life.”

“This is my first Global Volunteers program, but I am a veteran of a dozen volunteer abroad projects around the world. Without a doubt, this is the best team environment… Some different teams have conflict, some have outliers, and some types of teams fall apart, but our Global Volunteers team was almost perfect — the best.”

Community Projects Directed By Community Leaders.

You’re a catalyst for lasting change. Every volunteer contributes to their greatest potential, because our inspirational community partners have the vision and local support to direct volunteer projects. Individuals, families, and groups provide “helping hands” – whether teaching English, planting container gardens, providing health care, teaching in the classroom, painting a classroom, or counseling pregnant women. Our 50-plus community partners represent large and small local organizations, such as:

  • Sagrada Familia, a community-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of displaced and at-risk children in Peru.
  • The Baptist Workers and Students Coordination of Cuba (COEBAC)
  • The Governor’s Office of Siedlce, Poland
  • Soroptimist Kathmandu, a women’s economic and social development NGO in Nepal
  • The St. Lucia Catholic Archdiocese
  • The Iringa diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
  • The Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Education, and the Cook Islands Civil Society Organizations (CICSO)
  • The Blackfeet Indian Tribe in Montana
  • Instituto Di Instruzione Secondaria Superiore Polo Liceale Galileo Galilei in Italy
  • The Vietnam Institute for Development Strategy (VIDS)

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