Final Day of our Vietnam Volunteer Vacation

By Phil

Francoise arranged for our going-away party to be at Hoa Binh, which turned out to be an excellent decision. The food was great, and we had time to relax and say goodbye to each other, as well as to the staff of Hoa Binh who have become our “family.” The team shared toasts to each other and to our hosts, recognizing Vietnam for the enigmatic and promising nation that it is. Everyone’s plans for leaving Ha Noi were dissected, with intentions expressed for meeting again soon. There was general agreement that the 11th Global Volunteer team to Ha Noi was an enormous success, owing to a well-functioning and compatible team and calm leadership. Sadness tempered by knowledge of a productive experience was the general tenor as each of us got up to say goodnight and give final hugs.

Next year in Chennai, Peru, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, or Hanoi!

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