Congratulations to Global Volunteers’ 25th Anniversary!

On this special day, we wish to share the great happiness and celebrate the incredible success that Global Volunteers decided to commit itself in on this same day 25 years ago. Congratulations!!!

We have hosted 4 groups of Global Volunteers to our schools since 2003. We have very fond memories of the volunteers for their selfishness service, their love and help to the Chinese children. Their knowledge, good manners, and positive attitude towards life have impressed all the teachers and children in our school.

Our original idea for inviting Global Volunteers to our school was to have volunteers help promote the English Education in our school. However, we are surprised with the many “side-benefits” that came along. Most importantly, the volunteers made us realized the magic power of love. The difference in languages and background are not barriers for communications between us. Within the short time of 2 or 3 weeks, our teachers and students became very good friends. We were sad to say goodbye to each of them.

We’d like to report to you that the short time we had with the volunteers has brought great changes to our teacher’s work style, understanding of education and attitude towards life. We, the teachers and the students have given the volunteers another name with respect – “the messengers of love”.

Here, we’d like to again extend our most sincere gratitude to all the volunteers.

The many issues in the worlds today are mainly caused by the ignorance to each other, which leads to misunderstanding and dispute. Just like the new American President Obama Barak said in his inaugural speech: “What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility.” Global Volunteers is an organization that has volunteered to take the responsibility to bridges people of different cultures and nationalities, to spread love and friendships, to eliminate the misunderstanding and promoting peace in the world.

Our school understands well Global Volunteers and is very moved of what you are doing. We strongly support Global Volunteers work and will continue to do a good job hosting volunteers, through which we hope to share the responsibility and enjoy the achievement with you. Grandness does not come for free; it needs to be acquired by great effort. We look forward to more volunteers and further communications with Global Volunteers in the future!

The 1300 lovely children in our school are very friendly. They are very eager to learn about American culture and make friends with American people. They are sending their greetings to you too.

Lu Suoying, Principal
Zang Jianming, Vice Princinpal
Xi’an Xidian Experimental Elementary School

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