Since 1999, Global Volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life have worked on meaningful construction volunteer projects in West Virginia’s Fayette County – helping rehabilitate dilapidated and energy inefficient homes, classrooms and other buildings.

Construction Volunteer Projects - Restore Homes

Help rehabilitate homes, classrooms and other buildings in Appalachia

West Virginia volunteer Joanna shares her journal entry about the meaningful relationships and memories she built while working on construction volunteer projects… (Note: Joanna had no previous experience working in construction.)

Journal from Monday, August 21, 2017 from Joanna:

I was a little worried when I found out our first day of serving would be construction volunteer projects. My manual labor skills are… lacking, to say the least. Nevertheless, I packed my peanut butter sandwich and hopped in the van, hoping they would find me somewhat useful.

Once we arrived on the site, my lack of experience seemed trivial. The leader, Jim, patiently coached me and my teammates through our first time ever laying drywall. He didn’t seem at all fazed by our struggle with what I’m sure, for him, is an easy task and additionally was by no means pressed for time.

As the day progressed, the work became secondary to bonding with the locals and sharing stories. It wasn’t about getting the drywall done and going home, which for so many of us is the rhythm of our work days. The emphasis of the day was to work together, but rather than to work together to simply achieve a task, it was to work together to achieve a mutual understanding. It was genuinely inspiring to hear where these people, the same age as me, have come from and how, through hard work, they are reclaiming their futures.

By the time 4 o’clock rolled around, the work day was over; it was almost hard to leave. I walked away tired, grateful, and in awe that people as strong and resilient as B-More and Renee exist!

Construction Volunteer Projects Worldwide

In addition to West Virginia, volunteers are also needed to help with construction projects in the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Peru, Romania, St. Lucia, Tanzania, and on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. Chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to get started today!

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