Costa Rica Service Program December 22nd-January 4th

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Message of the day: Picked by Joanna(8)- “Those who want to do good are not selfish.  They are not in a hurry.  They know that to get through to people with good requires a long time.  But evil has wings.  To build a house takes time.  Its destruction takes none.”  -Mahatama Ghandi

Daily Journal: Sunday was our first morning together.  We had breakfast at the hotel before our orientation meeting.  Amy introduced us all to each other and Global Volunteers.  We had lunch and then we got on a bus to Santa Elena.  The bus ride was bumpy and beautiful.  We also stopped for ice cream and saw two rainbows.  We arrived at the Mar Inn and got settled.  We took a rain walk  and had a delicious dinner.  After dinner we played a game of “left, right, center”, Jesse won!  Then we all went to bed.  That was a great first day!  Thanks everyone for making it a great day!  -Bella (10)

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