Creating Bonds by Defying Language Barriers

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, July 22

FOTO686Yesterday started out with lots of slobber and fighting as it was my first real day with the three year olds. Constant bickering, fighting, throwing, and finger pointing made up most of the morning. During the few moments of peacefulness, Tía Johanna helped me practice my Spanish through a picture story book. Creating bonds by defying language barriers for me will be the most memorable part of trip.

After working with the kids, a dad, my mom, and I finished painting the first floor of the back wall. We’ll need to move the scaffolding to finish the top floors. Once all of the children left, all of the tías and volunteers began a much-needed toy sanitation purge. There’s toys with blood, sand, dirt, cement, saliva, and tears. Hopefully this is a weekly event.

After dinner the remaining volunteers experienced an elaborate indigenous dance routine filled with deer, bed, and clown costumes. It was very unique and interesting. The music was played live and was equally entertaining.

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