Day 2, January 4th 2010

Message of the Day from Glenda, NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED

I write this journal in between arriving back to the hotel and dinner. And I must say this was one amazing day.

The official day began with breakfast and the journal reading, then onto the bus to view the other day care sites. Then on to work.

The facility was clean and tidy and the classrooms, ninos, and tias were welcoming. We were ushered off to our designated classes and from that time on a frantic, frenetic pace through lunch.

At lunch I asked my colleagues for comments regarding their morning and here are some responses regarding jobs accomplished.

Meredith- I did slicing, chopping, and dicing. I am a Vegamatic!
Sue- Wonderful little 2 year olds!
Judy- I swept 2 rooms and made ¨pelota¨ small paper balls.
Cora- beautiful babies
Shannon had to change one dirty diaper and Cora only had to do a wet one.
Barbara installed 6 toilet seats and organized the office.
Chip-cur off some of his finger and Shannon used her first aid kit to keep the man still chopping.

I witnessed and heard Joanna´s lovely voice made magic with the children. They all became quiet and listened too.

After lunch we returned to the work site where I was able to do paper Mache with our team and the tias and the kitchen ladies. If all goes well, at the end of this week, everyone will be shaking their maracas.

by Glenda

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