Day 3, January 5, 2010

Message for the day from Sue: Carpe Diem; Seize the Day

This group was eager to do so. After the reading of a clever account of Monday´s activities, assignments were discussed over breakfast and we set out with Pili for site 2 and to work. Everyone seemed to have a good day.

Meredith reported that she was able to read a storybook to the ninos in Spanish upside down. Shannon worked in the anteroom where the children glued pieces of paper on a tracing of their names. Joanna started out in the art room and then the mural project beckoned and she ended up helping out downstairs as well. We are all excited about the murals being painted to complete the work on the 2nd floor. Team 136 leaving our mark!

Jackie reported that the babies were especially vocal and that she was able to quiet 1 of them successfully. Judy was glad to get her group of children outside playing catch and soccer. She did rescue the escapees who ran upstairs. Glenda is working on the mural and again led the tias in the maracas project. Cora worked with the babies and expressed particular appreciation of Paty. Barbara installed another toilet seat, peeled potatoes and is painting ARCA IRIX rainbow upstairs.

I enjoyed my time in the kitchen and peeled more garlic than I ever have. Late in the afternoon after a session with books and coloring , volunteers sang active songs with the ninos.

Ending the day with stop offs at stores, supper and salsa Lessons. A day properly seized!

By Sue

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