Day 4, January 6, 2010

Message of the Day from Shannon: DON´T HIDE YOUR LIGHT UNDER A BUSHEL

After breakfast, we drove directly to Center #2. The volunteers who purchased supplies at the art store presented them to Lily. She was most grateful for the gifts.

Sue spent the morning in the art room where the lesson of the day was hygiene. First the children had a talk about bathing, shampooing hair, and brushing teeth. They then took dolls outside, were placed in groups of four, and each group bathed a baby. This was followed by a writing lesson on the letter O. Then they had a period of outside play.

Meredith was in with the babies. She helped feed the babies twice, helped them go to sleep for their naps, and played with them. Cora was also with the babies. She fed, diapered and rocked babies, and washed the bibs. She also recommended that one of the children see a doctor for what looked like a splinter in his left hand which was developing cellulites.

Jackie worked in the construction room where the children had a similar hygiene lesson. The children also painted. Outside the children played soccer, ball, played on the swings and teeter totter.

In the morning, Joanna was with the 4 year olds. They exercised then had a hygiene lesson similar to the others. In the afternoon, she worked on the mural.

Glenda painted and painted and painted. She is 75% done with the figure she is painting.

Barbara spent a frustrating morning trying to create purple paint unsuccessfully. She played outside with the children.

Judy was with the 2 year olds. The children finger painted a quarter moon with a face that she had traced. The children painted the moon, themselves, the table and the floor. She was intrigued watching Kathy mix soup with a wooden implement that looked like a chicken foot.

Shannon worked in the kitchen. She washed dishes, peeled potatoes, and shelled beans, then washed dishes again after the children´s lunch. We learned the menus are planned and rotated every three months. A government nutritionist checks the menus and the FUNDAC treasurer is also involved. Shannon has a new appreciation for canned and frozen vegetables.

Lunch was at the same restaurant. We had chicken, rice, broccoli, juice, and some fruit for dessert. On the way back to the center, we stopped at a Marzipan shop and had a demonstration on how to make marzipan. Most of us tried it out and made a flower. We were given pins with the FUNDAC logo. They are very pretty. Back at the center Joanna organized some singing games for the children. They, us and the tias had fun. This evening we went to La Marical, walked around and had tea, coffee, or wine. Did a little shopping. We had dinner at a crepe and waffle restaurant. Delicious! Much laughter and storytelling–a good day and evening.

By Shannon

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