Day 6, January 8, 2010

Message for the day from Meredith: EXPECT MIRACLES

TGIF! What a full and exciting week it has been! The characters in our story have become our friends—Tias Elisa and Chavela in the kitchen, Tia Paty with the babies, Tia Alexandra in Arte, Tia Sandra in Hogar, Tia Kathy in construccion. And, of course, Lily, Pili, Margarita, Elvita, Carmita, Marujita and all the women of FUNDAC who have worked tirelessly with us and helped ease our transition into Guarderia #2.
Buenos Dias! We greeted the children and they greeted us. We helped the children eat breakfast and then went on a quick tour of Calderon. Elvita told us about the oldest barrios in Calderon and how the population has exploded in the past 5 to 10 years. We saw many neighborhoods, the old-style tile roofs, the unfinished construction, the Cementerio—Parque del Recuerdo. The views of the valley and the new airport were beautiful.

Our final stop was both impressive and emotional. As we entered Escuela Fiscal de Minas “Tarqui” we were surrounded by hundreds of girls in uniform. They were all eager to meet us and even practiced their English a bit. This public school as girls in the morning from about 7:30 – 12:30 and boys and girls from about 1 – 6 p.m. (Escuela Fiscal Mixta Bernardo de legarda)

Everywhere we go we are greeted with open arms. As we finished our tour, Elvita explained that many people from Calderon have moved to Spain and the U.S. in search of work.

Back to work!

Barbara and Jackie continued working with Tia Alexandra in Arte. Alexandra’s mother filled in for a while, and they all colored pets. Jackie’s dog, Indy, is now famous. To elaborate on the theme of “pets,” Barbara read an entire book about two dogs upside down in Spanish.

Sue and Tia Sandra helped the children paste red crepe paper on green Christmas trees, and Sue organized each ninos’ work in folders.

Cora continued to have at least on, often two, in her lap at all times. I spotted her singing to Victoria during refingerio. Per Cora, “Victoria appreciates good music.”

Tia Kathy had no problem asked for Judy’s assistance! Tracing cats, pasting brown foam pieces, helping with the daily meal routine, and cleaning the center and the children.

Upstairs the princesses are nearly completed and beautiful. Meredith painted yellow and silver stars, and Joanna painted the shirt purple. They also painted the floor a lovely shade of purple! The turpentine came in handy.

Glenda finished the silver crown and star wand and said, “She has become herself.” A beautiful Ecuadorian princess indeed. Glenda admired Carmita’s work on the flowers. And we all have admired Margarita’s bears.

Shannon stayed back with a nasty head cold. We missed her, but were glad she didn’t spread her germs.

Lunch at Mi Quinta featured empanadas. Highlights in the afternoon included painting the maracas, story time, nap time, and deep cleaning.

Off to Otavalo, Mindo, and Quito’s historic center.

By Jennie

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