At The End of the Day

Take not the path already made but instead walk where there is no path and leave a trail.


We started Friday morning partially sunny and cool with a strong breeze emphasized by cool passing shadows of the clouds overhead. Mimi and Eric taught English Form I while G and Carlos worked in the kitchen with Moses again. Since Ryan was leaving for Safari around noon and his class was moved to 1pm, he had the morning to relax and pack. Eitan took the local “chicken bus” at 6am to Iringa where Ryan would meet him around 2pm at Hasty Tasty.

After a quick lunch we parted ways and Ryan met his Safari driver Essou for the transport to Iringa and then on to Ruaha National Park and the Hilltop Lodge. Mimi and Eric continued work on the kitchen through the afternoon while Eugenio and Carlos went with Pierre Baptiste to the Roman Catholic church area to play with the children. Meanwhile, back at the Hilltop Lodge, Ryan and Eitan arrived and proceeded to play pool with the other people staying at the lodge. They met a group of 8 medical students who worked in a hospital in Iringa. They were an internationally mixed group and were quite interesting and fun to hang with. Everyone was tired at the end of the day and some got more sleep than others.

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