Ecuador team #141 – ready to serve!

Message of the Day: Anna Huff

“Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that act is service.” -Mother Teresa

Journal written by: Lisa

Our first day as team #141 began with team members sitting at separate tables attempting small talk with new acquaintances, with jokes about difficulties remembering names. After, we met with team leader, Michelle, for Global Volunteers’ team building session. We were surprised at how quickly we could actually learn each other’s names: Michelle, Evan, Nani, Emma, Allen, Kaitlyn, Abby, Irene, Beth, Michelle, Toby, Elena, Doug, Leo, Lisa, Christie, Amanda, Terry, and Anna. We also met the lovely leaders of FUNDAC and learned a little about the projects we’ll be working on.

Next, we each came up with our goals for the next one to two weeks, which included learning about a new culture, working on our Spanish, helping others, and having fun! The younger members of group got together for an energetic game of ‘Egyptian Rat Screw’ and by lunchtime we had merged our several groups into a true team, sitting together at one big table. After lunch we explored a bit of Quito and got some shopping in at a market in a large park. The day ended with a tired group looking forward to our first day at FUNDAC.

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