FUNDAC (Fundacion de Damas Calderonenses) is an organization legally constituted since 1993, is conformed by 20 voluntary women whose mission is offering social help to the needy classes of Calderón, specially worker women, poor children and old people. The social services help that we bring are centered exclusively in the Day Care center Nuestra Señora del Carmen, now we have two functional local that harbor 130 poor children whose ages go from the 3 months of age to the 5 years old. We also work with people mature adults for who we offer Shops of growth and identification of their list of third age with recreational and occupational days.

Welcome to Calderón!
Calderón is a rural communiy in Quito’s Metropolitan District, are located to the north from the capital to 30 minutes of distance, its climate is dry of nature, with temperatures of up to 30ºC. The population has increased in these last 10 years due to their benign climate.
Calderón is characterized for bread handcrafts and for carved in wood being these of national and international recognition. Their people are kind and simple, at the same than other places here it has migrant indigenous population that left their children under the care of third people and to who we also offer our contingent of social help.

The day care centers are located in the first one in center of Calderón next to the Municipal Market and the modern local N. 2 in San Rafael’s sector

From the year of 1998 we have the great opportunity to have the help of Global Volunteers, their annual brigades have left us samples of shared work, solidarity, friendship and mainly its economic contingent has been good for the execution of construction projects.
We should indicate that yours generous contribution in this last season has been excellent to finish the first one and second plant of the new construction of the local N. 2 located in the neighborhood San Rafael to 2 kilometers of the center of Calderón, in a same way the donations of educational material for the good operation and attention to the benefitted children.


Our recognition and gratitude for all the volunteers that visited us, to their directors and coordinators that every day is pending of our necessities a thank you infinite, God blesses.

Lourdes Erazo

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