The heat wave continues, but so too the shady spots and the cooling breezes. Mornings and evenings are the perfect time for walking, shopping and sightseeing provided our teaching schedules permit (often they do).

The Global teaching volunteers at Escola de Santiago were treated to a formal dinner at lunchtime yesterday, all planned, prepared and served by students in the service program. Our five-course meal was delectable, beautifully served, and greatly enjoyed and appreciated. A number of staff members joined us for this special event. The second year program students wore uniforms that they had previously selected for the school. Likewise, the china plates had been selected. They had a small picture of the school at the top of each plate. Elegance prevailed!

Festivities continued on Thursday (along with the heat!) The local coordinating staff and community members collaborated with our group leader to serve a traditional Portuguese meal at Escola De Santa Maria. A number of teachers from the schools where we volunteer also attended. We all missed out teammate Joanne, who had to leave this afternoon for her flight back home to Hawaii. The evening events at Escola de Santa Maria ended late. Anyone needing or wanting a ride back to the hotel was provided with such by the Beja teachers. Yes, hospitality features strongly here in Beja. We have enjoyed an extra special volunteering opportunity because of the friendly, helpful, interesting teachers, hotel staff, and community members we have had the pleasure of interacting with.

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