Team Journal Entry for Friday, May 29110

Today was our last day at the daycare and it was an amazing end to our adventure here in Ecuador. The tías and children put on a program dedicated to thanking us, showing their appreciation, and saying their goodbyes to us. It opened by the tías preforming a dance that they had been practicing all week without our noticing. Children presented us with many gifts made by the tías, and it ended with many hugs and pictures being taken. I simply cannot put into words how much the program meant to myself, Jordan, or Zoe. It truly was the nicest thing that anyone has done for us and it made each of us emotional, thankful, and extremely appreciative for many things we experienced in the last two weeks and in our lives in general. It was bittersweet spending the day with Maggie, knowing we would have to say goodbye after Pilar drove us home. She has been an amazing leader and friend to each of us. The day ended with our favorite meal at the hotel: broccoli soup and tacos, and Manuel served us ice cream as a treat. The gratitude from others we have received today has been an amazing experience and something we will each remember for the rest of our lives.

Entry submitted by: Lauren

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