End of Week One

Message of the Day: “The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it.” ~John Ruskin

It’s hard to believe that it is the end of our first week already. It’s been five days since 21 eager volunteers headed off to Calderón not sure of what to expect.

Now we know the daily routine with the children, the construction project is almost finished, we are speaking Spanish more confidently, and the tías are even beginning to speak a few words of English.

Because two families in our group will be leaving on Saturday, there was a celebration in Daycare Center #1 to thank those volunteers. The Calderón children performed songs and traditional dances and presented each volunteer with a thank you card and marzipan figurine.

Darcy, along with all of the Global Volunteer children – Sarah, Breanna, Isaac, Leo, Eli, Theo, and Henry – presented a large poster card from the volunteers and led the children in “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” Many of the Calderón children joined in the hand motions.

After lunch at Mi Quinta, some of the volunteers stopped at Cecilia’s Marzipan tienda to see a demonstration and make a few purchases before heading back to the day care centers. Several of us have decided to stop in a shop or two each day after lunch to help Calderón’s economy! So many handicrafts to choose from, but Calderón is best known for its marzipan.

When we arrived back at the daycare centers, the children were still napping and the tías and cooks were waiting for their English lessons. This is the first Global Volunteer Ecuador team to offer English instruction and the tías have told us how much they appreciate our lessons.

Before heading home to Quito, the volunteers from Center 1 stopped by to inspect the construction project. The transformation from dirt piles and trash is truly amazing! Soon the children will be able to play on their newly paved playground.

As we gathered for dinner, Josh passed out photos of our Global Volunteer Ecuador team to everyone. And at Colleen’s suggestion, we ended our meal with birthday cakes – chocolate and tres leches – from Dulcinea down the street for Mary and Ann.

We said our final goodbyes to Darcy and Josh and their children Eli, Theo, and Henry, and to Delia and Aaron and their children Isaac and Leo.


Saturday and Sunday many of the volunteers took the opportunity to explore Quito and the surrounding areas. Our guide Martín shared this story:

The difference between the rich man and the poor man….

The rich man has 2 dogs.
The poor man has 10 dogs.

The rich man has a swimming pool.
The poor man has a river.

The rich man has a car and city pollution.
The poor man walks everywhere and has fresh air.

Entry and message submitted by Bobbie and Breanna


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