Enjoying Ecuador!

Message of the Day: Allen Church

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Journal: Beth Harrison

Saturday kept the busy week rolling with an early morning and a long bus ride to the large Indian market in Otavalo. We stopped by many places along the way to take in the gorgeous scenery and take some pictures. Once in the market we separated for four hours of shopping and buying more than we should—all justifiable, of course. That night we decided to order some pizza and ended up with tons of pizza boxes and some interesting choices. After dinner some of the team starting packing up while the kids enjoyed Youtubing hilarious videos about stalking cats, guilty dogs, and outrageous wedding proposals. We then had to say goodnight to the Brown family as they were headed home in the morning and also to the Huffs as they left for the Galapagos.

Sunday came as a lazy day as our team dwindled down to six members. While Irene and Elena went to the internet café, Michelle and Kaitlyn went out for a walk, which gave Michelle a wonderful sunburn as she discovered later that night. At noon, Irene, Elena, Allen, and I went to the Indian market because we simply had not gotten enough yesterday. After a lovely, fancy meal in the food court in the mall, we all walked through the heavy rain to look inside the church in the Old Town made out of seven tons of gold. Once we were cold and soaked, we returned back to the hotel and snuggled up to watch a movie together. After dinner and a nice conversation about scary occurrences and giving blood, we were all ready to sleep in preparation for the week ahead.


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